Redwood Forest in Stout Grove of Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park


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One of the largest coast redwoods called Melkor in northern Humboldt Redwood National Park

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Updated January, 2017

by Mario D. Vaden
Certified Arborist & Redwood Explorer

Welcome! If you are headed for the coast redwoods, this is one of the best spots to begin. The menu is loaded, located at the top of of the page above, or the side depending on device or browser width.

Choose from over 200 pages categorized by subject. More redwood articles are added in the Redwood Blog. Quite a few people also browse my Hyperion Redwood page following it's coverage by National Geographic as the world record discovery of 2006.

The most essential topics are in the menu under must-see, lodging, park visitor centers and hiking. Start under the essential part.

The header image is Stout Grove in Jedediah Smith coast redwood park. To the right, a woman leans on a large coast redwood in Redwood National Park. Lots more are in the albums and other pages. A have become print or canvas, hung in two Crescent City galleries.

Content here began years ago with a single page about Grove of Titans Coast Redwoods and grew to over 200 pages plus the album and redwood blog.

Coast redwoods also prompted my journey into portraits. We moved within 2 hours and I can offer photography between Ashland & Crescent City.

In 2014, a lengthy redwoods page was added about new largest coast redwood discoveries after more redwood titans were found. Coast redwood now surpasses all known giant sequoias for trunk girth.

This site may be the best representation of what to anticipate in the Coast Redwoods. I'm not a "redwood guide" on paper, but have enhanced redwood adventures for a few people who asked to explore together. See redwood guide tours

Many largest redwoods are undisclosed but the parks will share a bunch of them like Boyscout redwood and others like the Big redwood and Giant redwood listed as #14 and #15 under redwood giants in the menu. Other largest 15 coast redwoods each have a page. The coast redwood park visitor centers can direct you to tall 300' - 350' redwoods in several parks. Start in essentials for stuff that's easy to be told about. I have not spotted Bigfoot but did encounter a Redwood Fairy. I also post on Facebook but the coast redwood nexus is here. There are pages from the menu about awesome & big coast redwoods as well as the largest ones. If I do not describe where some are located, it doesn't matter. Those were shared to show you the forest's potential. Just pick some redwood trails, slow down, and see what outstanding redwoods you can find for yourself. Recently I added some mystery redwood pages and in place of names are short stories or bits of information related to our redwood exploring (what happened, what we were thinking, what was unusual, etc.)



Coast Redwoods Defined

Battery Point lighthouse at Crescent City and the redwood coast

Coast Redwood is the only known living species of the genus Sequoia in the cypress family Cupressaceae. Common names are coast redwood, coastal redwood and California redwood. It's botanical name is Sequoia sempervirens and it may be accurate to call one a "sequoia" or "sequoias" for several. Because "giant sequoia" is generally a common name reserved for Sequoiadendron giganteum.

Coast Redwood is evergreen and monoecious with male and female reproductive parts on the same tree. Maximum age can exceed 2300 years. It is the tallest species, exceeding 380 feet and 29 feet diameter at breast height (dbh)

Image: Battery Point Lighthouse near Crescent City, west of Jedediah Smith redwood park.

The foliage leaves are needles about 1 inch long with pointed tips and white stripes beneath. But foliage higher up in old coast redwoods may be much smaller and almost awl-shaped. If nominated to American Forests, coast redwood would exceed General Sherman's (Sequoiadendron) 1321 points by a substantial margin. Coast Redwood has a natural range along the coastal area of northern California and extreme southwestern Oregon coast near Brookings.

There are man-made coast redwood groves or forests, including one in New Zealand. Coast Redwood also does not require fog for growth, but possibly for natural regeneration, and certainly for extreme size and height. But as for growth, there are good size specimens planted years ago in places or towns with as little as 19 inches of average yearly rainfall, about (707) 464 - 2137 @ 701 Hy. 101 S. Crescent City, CA. Visit site for info.. 8 / 14
Curly Redwood Lodge Motel Lodging


Mobile vs. Computer

redwood forest avenue of the giants scenic drive

This main redwood page was the only one partially optimized for mobile devices. With all other pages intended for computer viewing . Personally, I liked the old archaic layout better and recently reverted most of this page back to the old code style. It also enables easier page updates with the software I prefer editing with. The menu and the very top should continue to resize on tiny device screens.

Image: Avenue of the Giants passest through Humboldt Redwoods State Park

This page and menu cover mostly redwood parks of Northern California. Read about lodging, camping, redwood hiking, visitor centers, redwood photography, redwood explorers and canopy researchers. There are reams of redwood photos.

The bigger your screen, the better to view these coast redwood photos. Its amazing how much life gets sucked out of redwood photos viewing on phones.

My comments for redwood trails are in the menu under hiking, listed under 5 park names, plus an extra link to ... Compare my trail reviews with that one.

There are over 300 Coast Redwood photos in the blog, album, other pages and the Redwood Mini Pics page. The album is on another server but embedded in my pages. In slideshow view, if you pause, there are text links beneath the photo to open larger sizes. Then find and click return to thumbnails


Redwood Parks Differ in Character

man jumping into Smith River swimming hole near Jedediah Smith coast redwood park

The 15 largest coast redwoods (2013) are included because most visitors will never see them, as well as Hyperion the tallest redwood (2006), discovered at Redwood National Park.

The tallest of the tall and the largest of the large (published) are dispersed throughout Humboldt Redwoods State Park and Redwood National and State Parks, with the exception of Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park. Otherwise all of the parks have an abundance of extremely tall coast redwoods and lots of very big ones.

Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park has some big redwoods but is often noted for Damnation Creek trail leading to the ocean, foggy redwoods and Rhododendron blossoms in spring.

Most superlatives are not destinations. Those coast redwoods and others are in menu option Redwood Giants under Largest plus the other Awesome & Big coast redwoods. A few of may be landmarks.

There are so many big redwoods in the park, that even the greatest among them can blend in. You can have a remarkable trip even if many redwoods are concealed from your view or ability to get around everywhere.

Image: jumping into the Smith River upstream from Jedediah Smith redwoods. Photo taken from "Slant Bridge" between Hy. 199 and Douglas Park Rd.

The north parks of Humboldt and Del Norte is specifically where the coast redwoods reach over 380 ft. tall and over 29 ft. wide. The area stretches through Crescent City, Klamath, Orick, Eureka and close to Meyers Flat.

That region has five large coast redwood parks with old growth forest and trails. Each coast redwood park is different. Jedediah Smith seems more Jurassic, including the spectacular drive along the old winding Howland Hill Road shown in a photo below. Redwood National Park may feel like a Wilderness experience, especially with more mountains and fewer visitors during the rainy season. Humboldt Redwoods looks more open and spacious in the understory and may feel more like a natural cathedral. Prairie Creek has so much lush vegetation it almost feels tropical, and is sort of a trail runner paradise with about 70 miles of trails.

Those redwoods are over 100 ft. taller than the tiny Muir Woods National Monument near San Fran. Four parks managed as Redwood National and State Parks account for 133,000 acres. Those are Redwood National Park, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park.

Coast redwood trunks and richardson grove visitor center

Image: Richardson Grove visitor center, south of Humboldt Redwoods State Park, north of Garberville.

Approximately 30 minutes south of Eureka is Humboldt Redwoods State Park with over 50,000 acres and Rockefeller Forest. That park containing the Avenue of the Giants is managed separately and has it's own visitor center - one of the best !!

90% of people should find a good lead here about coast redwood travel. Photos include Jedediah Smith redwoods, Avenue of the Giants, Prairie Creek Redwoods, Del Norte Coast Redwoods and Redwood National Park. The emphasis remains on Coast Redwoods, but a images from local communities and other places are added.

There are are at least 8 coast redwoods over 370 feet tall (2013). Four were in Redwood National Park and four are in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Visitor centers will not provide maps to those, but can easily direct you to redwoods well over 300 to 350 feet tall around Avenue of the Giants, Bull Creek Flats, Howland Hill Rd. and Redwood National Park.

Most largest Coast Redwoods are not landmark features like giant sequoias you may have heard of with signs, rails and fences. But the park visitor centers can show you maps to a lot of very large and interesting coast redwoods. A few have decks. But aside from bridges, Redwood National and State Parks and Humboldt Redwoods SP have very few rails and fences along the trails.

Again, each redwood park has its own character, and they are all worth visiting on your vacation.





It's Not Just Redwoods

Famous Redwoods near Coast Redwood forest Campground and Stout Grove hiking trail

The Redwood Coast is not merely tall and giant Coast Redwoods. It has beaches, rivers, lagoons, prairies, harbors, lighthouses, campgrounds, art galleries, trails and forests.

Image: strolling through Stout Grove in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

I made an effort to show this in the photo album and pages. There is horseback riding, kayaaking, fishing and marathons like one in Avenue of the Giants. Add festivals, the Ferndale kenetic sculpture contest and several breweries.

For car buffs, attend the Sea Cruise auto show yearly, October, in Crescent City. Down in Klamath, there's smoked Salmon, jet boat tours up the river. and the overlook of the Klamath River, where whales can be spotted.

If you are looking for variety, the redwood coast will offer it. Links for researcher Dr. Sillett Canopy at HSU and explorer Michael Taylor used to be provided, but Sillett removed his canopy photos and Taylor removed his landmarktrees site altogether. The removals were shortly after someone (anonymous) gave away a few undisclosed locations of research related redwoods.

Note: I'm not a redwood guide ... but have met various people from other countries, for hiking, photography and exploring in the coast redwoods.


Mini Pics

Woman among Lupine Flowers at Redwood National Park Bald Hills Road

Most small Redwood Mini Photos were moved to their own page. Those are separate from the coast redwood albums although a few may share similarity.

Image: Lupine blooming near Bald Hills Rd. above Redwood National Park. This photo is from April. The floral display is more profuse during certain years. This spot is about 10 miles farther than Lady Bird Johnson Grove


Coast Redwood Hiking & Maps

Use the top menu for my reviews of popular coast redwood trails, official park maps and visitor center contact numbers. They are in the hiking and maps option.

My reviews are listed under:

  • Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park
  • Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park
  • Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
  • Redwood National Park
  • Humboldt Redwoods State Park


I recall seeing maps at the parks visitor center racks. Take a look, those redwood trail maps are worth the purchase. To avoid re-inventing the wheel, I limit being repetitive, adding content when I feel the trail should be described differently or with added emphasis. My experience with evergreens and trees is extensive and there's plenty I can add to the mix. I worked outdoors most of my life from about 1975, and an arborist from 1980, and continuing.

Prairie Creek trail in the coast redwoods forest

Another excellent coast redwood trail website is provided from the menu, called Our reviews are not identical. Read both and compare. may whack a rating for traffic sound more than I do. My emphasis is different. I think both of our redwood trail reviews combined will offer you more.

Image: Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park near the visitor center. This is the approach to 3 hiking trails. James Irvine trail, Westridge trail and Prairie Creek trail.

I recall seeing maps at the parks visitor center racks. Take a look, those redwood trail maps are worth the purchase. To avoid re-inventing the wheel, I limit being repetitive, adding content when I feel the trail should be described differently or with added emphasis. is worth 5 stars for redwood hiking destinations, photos, trail ratings, detailed maps and mre. See the 2nd menu next to the hiking heading. I refer to that site for my own adventures.

Muir Woods

One Log Truck along Avenue of the Giants Coast Redwoods scenic route

If you need a good "shot in the arm" but can't go much beyond San Francisco, Muir Woods National Monument and Coast Redwoods is an option in Marin County.

Compared to the north coast redwood parks, Muir Woods's redwoods are smaller, but it has plenty of character. The small park 12 miles north of San Fran has 554 acres with 240 acres of old growth. For comparison, that's about 1% the size of Humboldt Redwoods State Park south of Eureka. Or about 10% the size of Forest Park on Portland's west side to give you some idea.

Image: the One Log Truck along Avenue of the Giants. Often parked outside a very nice gift shop

Muir Woods' tallest redwood is under 270 ft. tall, whereas Humboldt and Del Norte have tallest over 350 ft. to 370 ft. If implemented a "serenity scale" to rank Muir Woods for hiking, it could end up as just 1/2 star some days. Let me quote the park's July site alert to clarify:

"Take the Muir Woods Shuttle. Weekends are the busiest time for Muir Woods. Parking limited. Muir Woods is experiencing high numbers of visitors. Traffic and unsafe parking behaviors are adding stress to visitors and residents. Expect delays on Hwy 1 as people drive to and from Muir Woods and local beaches."

Again, Muir Woods may give you that shot in the arm, unless you find the stress. Maybe Muir Woods could be compared to pharmaceutical commercials with disclaimer warnings, and Redwood National and State Parks compared to natural food stores.

Exploring the Coast Redwoods

Avenue of the Giants Bull Creek Flats

After many of my own redwood trips, I suggest for travelers from afar to consider lodging reservations rather than camping to get more out of adventure and cover more ground. It buys time, not just a room. If your time is limited, you can skip camping setup, drying tents and waiting for showers.

Coast redwood camping is a lot of fun, but if the forest will take care of you, get a motel or bed & breakfast room. It also provides a place to keep items that may leave you biting your nails about leaving in a car or tent.

Image: Crescent City harbor sunset

Coast redwoods provide hikes and drives ... even swimming. Expect park staff & rangers to be helpful. The rangers at the redwood visitor centers are indispensable.

Avenue of the Giants Grieg Bell French Coast Redwoods forest trail

My time in the redwoods is hiking, camping, photography and exploring. The redwoods are an outdoor museum which led to interesting conversations, new friends around the world, and a few world record discoveries. It's a recreation overlapping my work and education. It literally changed my life, leading me into professional photography also.

Image: Grieg-French-Bell grove at Avenue of the Giants.

Keep in mind that north California has the best places to see redwoods. Oregon has just a little for old growth redwoods and trails. Places to the south like Big Basin and Montgomery Woods are very lovely too, but the coast redwoods of Del Norte and Humboldt are in a league of their own.

The biggest list of giant and tallest coast redwoods discovered over the years came from two men who explored for decades: Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor. They explored alone and with others. Their discoveries provided much of what Dr. Steve Sillett at HSU, researched some years.

Image: Bull Creek Flats in Humbolt coast redwoods

Avenue of the Giants Bull Creek Flats redwood forest

At least in the United States, Michael Taylor's coast redwood exploring almost reminds me of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Michael had the benefit of returning home and certainly didn't face certain dangers that the Corp of Discovery met. But Michael spend years of his life exploring most of the coast redwood parks in California, treading through the wilderness beyond the trails. Read more about: Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor.

Taylor is an interesting fellow, a mechanical engineer who is expert with species ID and forests, understanding algebra and trigonometry. He has an appreciation for gadgets and drones. In June 2011, Michael Taylor, Chris Atkins and myself broadened exploration into Southern Oregon and the Sierra Nevada, adding pines and Douglas fir to the coast redwood adventures.

2008 to 2016 provided opportunities to explore with Michael Taylor, Chris Atkins, Dr. Robert Van Pelt and Dr. Steve Sillett, in Redwood National and State Parks. The days were vigorous and memorable. Part time, during 2 years, there was opportunity to work, locating and measuring tall redwoods related to LIDAR.

After 2014, a few of us invested more of our energy again into the coast redwoods and found some remarkable new champion redwoods. See Discovery under Redwood Giants in the menu to find out more. (707) 464 - 2137 @ 701 Hy. 101 S. Crescent City, CA. Visit site for info.. 8 / 14
Curly Redwood Lodge Motel Lodging



Restaurants & Lodging

Lost Monarch Coast Redwood Jedediah Smith Coast Redwoods Park

Here are some restaurant & motels. for dining and lodging in Humboldt and Del Norte counties of Northern California. Most are are clean, affordable and comfortable options.

One motel is in Grants Pass.


Curly Redwood Lodge CRESCENT CITY on Highway 101. Near food & shopping. 5 minutes from Redwood park.Huge rooms. This is the one I stay at most often. Several of my photo prints are in the main lobby.

The covered parking of the Curly Redwood Lodge is a treat when there is fog or rain. There is a restaurant directly across the street, and a couple more just a few minutes walk to the north.

Image: large coast redwood in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

Arcata Stay ARCATA. ,,, Upscale Arcata California Lodging accommodations. The only Lodging Network in Arcata with an Excellence Rating by Tripadvisor. The 8 Stays are walking distance to Humboldt State University and downtown.

Discovery Inn EUREKA. First stay at this motel was 2012. Comparable value to Motel 6 nearby. Its a coin toss. Clean room and bath. Fridge and WIFI. Convenient location. On Broadway / Highway 101

Bayview Motel EUREKA. Not a budget motel. On hill overlooking the town and bay. First stay was with two other explorers. We got a 2 Queen Suite & adjoining single King. Nice balcony on 2nd floor

Redwood Hyperion Motel GRANTS PASS, Oregon. If you need a place close to I-5. An extra stepping stone to to Jedediah Smith redwoods if you are too tired for 2 extra road hours to Crescent City

The lobby has snacks, beverage coolers, coffee most of the day and a computer for internet browsing. A new Hyperion Suites addition named after the tallest redwood. Swimming and nice landscaping

Humboldt Redwoods Inn GARBERVILLE. Liked the convenience of this motel right at the turn around for downtown, and close proximity to restaurants, grocery and fuel. South end of town.

Historic Hiouchi Cafe HIOUCHI / CRESCENT CITY. Located in the quant community of Hiouchi, almost adjacent to Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park and Smith River. Along redwood highway 199.


More motels, inns, lodging and restaurants continued > Redwood Vacation Lodging


Redwood Parks and Visitor Centers


Coast Redwoods and Sorrel in Humboldt Redwood park

Redwood National and State Parks visitors centers are perfect for specific questions beyond what I wrote on pages here. Questions like:

  • What dates are camping reservations available?
  • Wedding permits - where can we get one?
  • How do I get a camping permit for Redwood National Park?
  • Is Howland Hill Road open? Map to Fern Canyon?


Links for the Redwoods Parks and Visitors Centers

List of Redwood Park Information Centers & phone

Current Conditions information updates

Image: Redwood Sorrel and Coast Redwoods at Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Humboldt Redwoods State Park -- this park's camping and hiking is managed separately from Redwood National and State Parks above. Humbold Redwoods State Park info can be found at ...

Humboldt Redwoods State Park Information

Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Association


Photography Workshop 2016
Photo Permit Info

coast redwood forest photography workshop howland hill road example

Here's where I'm at on Photography Workshops ...

Down the road, I hope to offer workshops in the Coast Redwood parks. My strength leans toward composition and picking the right location for time of day or weather.

Certainly I can't be the sharpest tool in the drawer, but I looked at workshop pages of some other photographers, and realized I like many of my own photos better.

I did my first workshop, September, 2016, near Crescent City, in a county redwood park that didn't require the state park photographer permit. It went smoothly and I hope to make more available.

If photographers contact me with a request for help getting around in the redwoods for photography, I will entertain the idea, maybe even deal with the Redwood National and State Parks permit.

If you need comfort of photographng with someone who knows the lay of the land, drop a note and maybe we can arrange something.

Image: Howland Hill Rd. in Jedediah Smith park


To Professional Photographers ...

Technically, the parks require permits for some photography. If you call the visitor center at Crescent City or the permit coordinator they can clarify this.

If your equipment is compact like camera, tripod and backpack, no permit should be required for landscape photography and redwoods.

If you plan to use a model for commercial use, that may need a permit, but could be a "grey area" too. I say this, becaue if a typical visitor poses two family members to add to a Flickr album or Instagram, that's as much portfolio-building as one photographer with one person posing by the same coast redwood. Stands or reflectors may be commercial photography from their point of view. Photography workshops need a permit and insurance (maybe why many photographers go under the radar)

Most landscape scenic photography does not require a permit, even if you sell prints.

coast redwood forest photography workshop howland hill road example

A group of friends or photographers gettting together with cameras and tripods should not need a permit. I do not think rules can prohibit donations outside parks after recreational photos.

My own work is a combination of photography and artistic. Ansel Adams did likewise with film camera and darkroom. My work is digital camera and computer. I want to emphasize that my images are not what the camera captured, but the potential from what was captured.

Wish you well on your photography adventures !!


Image: sunrise at Howland Hill Rd. in Jedediah Smith redwood park. Known as "God Rays"


Photography Tips for
Coast Redwoods

IMO ... the wet season, October - June, is best for redwood photography:

  • View corridors are more numerous because deciduous leaves have fallen
  • Rain moistens needles intensifying colors.
  • Rain washes dust off leaves of ferns and huckleberry
  • The color of moss intensifies
  • Lichens on trunks revive size and texture
  • Colorful fungi and mushrooms are more abundant

Photo Tips Continued



Other Photo Stuff

North California and Redwoods Virtual Photography PIck a 360 degree tour

Images by Lowell Cottle Redwoods, birds and more.

North Coast Photos with Redwoods North Coast

Redwood Image Archaeology Redwood Post Card and Image Archive.

coast redwood forest photography workshop trillium falls fairy

Dr. Van Pelt the Artist. Scientist, and author of Forest Giants of the Pacific Coast.


Image: Trillium Falls trail in Redwood National Park. A fairy girl from Humboldt


Redwood information, facts
and education

Redwood Education Guide Nearly 100 pages. For those who want to learn about coast redwood community and help others.

Provides human history of famous redwoods region, science to coast redwood ecosystem, how to conduct a field trip to a redwood park, lessons for a park visit.

Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Along the Eel River, Humboldt Redwoods State Park has over 53,000 acres, old-growth redwoods. 250 camp sites, 100 miles of hiking, biking, riding trails

Redwood Parks Association Established to assist California State Parks. Educational & Interpretive.

The Redwood Park Association merged with North Coast Redwood Interpretive Association. Both have a history funding interpretive staff, events, exhibits, signs, and publications

Redwood Profile by Flower Essence Society. Coast Redwood is Sequoia sempervirens

Highway 199 ~ Redwood Highway Check out the Coast Redwoods Information and Map option too. Hy 199 is the main travel corridor between Redwood National Park and Crater Lake National Par

Sequoia sempervirens And informative page on Coast Redwoods with info and photos

Coast Redwood and Giant Sequioia: Compare Coast Redwood with Giant Sequoia at Wikipedia.

Exploring, Guides, Tours & Fun

Banana Slug of the Redwood Forest

M. D. Vaden & Redwoods Time in the Coast Redwoods with Mario Vaden, aka M. D. Vaden... Exploring and Photography ... Exploring as time permits. Available to those who have a huge appreciation for coast redwoods. Friendly adventure.

Redwood Adventures REDWOOD ADVENTURES has tours, hiking, more. Orick. Family vacation, romantic holiday, wedding. retreats. Full hospitality to visitors of Redwood parks. They know how to cook

The Redwood Coast Nature Guide Jenny Hanson, naturalist and nature guide for the Redwood Coast. Guided trips for individuals, families, and groups, including people with physical limitations.

Local naturalist services to bus tours, conventions and large groups. Based in Eureka. Services from Humboldt Redwoods State Park in the south to Jedediah Smith State Park and Crescent City in the north

Goosepens, Caves and rooms inside Coast Redwoods

Custom Ceramic Murals CERAMIC MURALS & TOUR. See link for more info. Look for Public Murals. This custom artwork is available for public viewing throughout parts of Crescent City.

FYI - the Guide site is inactive. But Redwood Ed as he's called, is still out and about,. His site is operational



Gifts & Souvenirs

Worlds tallest maple Humboldt Honey in Redwoods

Burl n' Drift 28101 Avenue of the Giants. Family owned and operated since 1967. Quality Redwood Souvenirs .... one of the best redwood gift shops

A the Ancient Redwoods RV Park and home of the Hollow Log Truck When you park, look for the Immortal Redwood


Campgrounds, RV resorts

Redwoods RV Resort RV, tent and cabin camping under soaring Sitka Spruce, Douglas fir and Coast Redwoods.

Burls and Faces in the Redwood trunks

KOA Redwoods Campground - Crescent City, California. 17 forested acres

Ancient Redwoods RV Park Home of the Hollow Log Truck in Redcrest. This is near Founders grove a mile north of Redcrest, California, on the world famous Avenue of the Giants.

The Immortal Redwood stands in view.

This is also in close proximity to Founders Grove, Rockefeller Forest and Humboldt Redwoods State Park Visitor Center.

Riverwalk RV Park Fortuna. Campground by the Eel River. Immaculate. Cabins, RV and Tent camping.

M. D. Vaden Cargo Trailer Conversion One version of cargo trailer camping. A growing trend in do-it-yourself camping



Drive Though Redwoods

coast redwood and hiking blog

Drive Through Redwoods Page about the 3 Drive Through Redwoods: Chandelier, Shrine and Tour-Thru


Drive Through Redwood Leggett Chandelier drive-thru redwood. Gift shop. Dawn to dusk. Best looking of the 3 drive-though.


Drive Through Redwoods Information USDA & Forest Service pages about the drive through redwoods. (707) 464 - 2137 @ 701 Hy. 101 S. Crescent City, CA. Visit site for info.. 8 / 14
Curly Redwood Lodge Motel Lodging

Redwood Giants to Redwood Book

coast redwoods photo album book

The genesis of this coast redwood content began years ago as one single page about the Grove of Titans . Like yearly growth rings, it expanded.

Eventually, I found the desire to work on a coast redwood photo album book to express my redwood adventures, weaving adventures, education and images. In 2016, I designed a small photo album book called Coast Redwood Adventures.

It's petite, and more of a photo album book with a few words to tell about the photos. These are hard cover and I hope to sign most of them. The Curly Redwood Lodge may have one near the lobby. Very few will be printed. This is testing the waters for something bigger someday.

It also has the first top-to-bottom photo of Hyperion ever published.

To read more about the photo album book or order, see:

Coast Redwood Adventures by Mario Vaden



Prints & Canvas by M. D. Vaden

For anyone interested, my prints or canvas hang for sale at three art galleries. Two connected to the Redwood Coast Art Association are in Crescent City, and share the same site link. The other one is in the Rogue Valley.

Recently, I ordered a 40 inch x 60 inch canvas print of a new coast redwood discovery, one of the widest coast trunk views ever photographed. It may be for sale in one of those galleries or a local business wall. The following image is one I have in mind to print as 14 in. x 14 in. canvas to hang in the Crescent Harbor Art Gallery or Second Street Art Gallery at 2nd & L St.

A stand of coast redwoods exhibiting blue foliage, viewed between the bokeh of red huckleberry on the left and evergreen huckleberry on the right.


redwood coast art gallery crescent city and eureka