Redwoods in Stout Grove
Trunks of Coast Redwood at Lost Groves

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Updated April 12, 2015

by Mario D. Vaden

Information here may prove one of the best representations for what to anticipate visiting Coast Redwoods. Some folks enjoy reading here at night from their room during their redwood vacation. A few from other countries browse monthly, some weekly. The Most Essential topics are noted in the menu or yellow highlighted including must-see, lodging, park visitor centers and hiking info. Many of the largest redwoods are undisclosed. But parks will share several. Those will include the Boyscout Redwood, and #14, #15, the Big and Giant ones shown here.

Every image should enlarge or lead to info including pages for more than 20 largest Coast Redwoods and some tallest. I post on Facebook but the best stuff is here and the BLOG.

Photo above: Stout Grove in Jedediah Smith park. Photo below: M. D. Vaden at Humboldt Redwoods park by Rockefeller redwood. Photo right: Woman by a giant in Redwood National Park. Select this one to view several giant coast redwood images showing siize.

coast redwoods blog

Content began years ago with a single redwood page about a Grove of Titans and expanded into all these other pages; in case you were curious about the page URL.

Coast Redwood Information
This resource is about Coast Redwoods and parks of Northern California, lodging, camping, redwoods, hiking info, guided tours, visitor centers and redwood photography. Content covers redwood forest, explorers and researchers who climb the tallest species.

Browse and find nearly 300 Coast Redwood photos in the blog, album (menu), other pages and the Redwood Mini Pics page. Even some rangers might peek at the ranger page.

Scroll down for motel lodging | hiking | guides | articles and redwood park visitor centers. New content is added continually. It's a lot, but most is categorized in some fashion.

Mario Veden standing next to Coast Redwoods

The 10 largest Coast Redwoods (2013) are included because most visitors will never see them ... likewise Hyperion the tallest redwood, over 379 ft. (2013), discovered at Redwood National Park.

Most are not destinations.

New: Largest Redwood Discovery / 2014

Content dwells on the north parks where coast redwoods grow over 360 ft. tall and over 26 ft. wide. The area spans Hiouchi, Crescent City, Klamath, Orick, Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna and Meyers Flat.

There are 5 Coast Redwood parks with old growth and trails. Four account for 133,000 acres. Those are Redwood National Park plus Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park: managed as Redwood National and State Parks.

About 30 minutes south of Eureka is Humboldt Redwoods State Park with over 50,000 acres and Rockefeller Forest. That park has its own visitor center.

There are 8 coast redwoods over 370 feet tall (2013). 4 in Redwood National Park and 4 in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Visitor centers will not provide maps but can direct to redwoods over 300 feet tall: Bull Creek Flats, Howland Hill Rd., Redwood National Park.

One Coast Redwood is so big that only 3 or 4 Giant Sequoia of the Sierra Nevada surpass its volume, equal or greater than Boole Giant Sequoia. But the biggest Coast Redwoods are buried in the forest; not landmarked like Sequoias. Several Coast Redwood are wider (dbh) than General Grant Giant Sequoia.

With patience, 90% of folks should find what they are looking for here or a good lead about coast redwood travel.

Photos include albino redwood, Jedediah Smith redwoods, Rockefeller Forest, Avenue of the Giants, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Del Norte Coast Redwoods, and Redwood National Park, lagoons, animals and plants.

The emphasis remains on Coast Redwoods, but with broad variety.

Redwood Coast beach near Crescent City

Image right: Walking among Coast Redwoods in Stout Grove, at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. Light beaming from the side where the grove meets the Smith River

The Redwood Coast reputation is not derived just from tall and giant Coast Redwoods. It has beaches, rivers, lagoons, prairies, harbors, lighthouses, trails and forests. I made an effort to show this in the photos, albums and pages.

There is also horseback riding, kayaaking, fishing, marathons, festivals, kenetic sculpture contest, breweries and more, like the Sea Cruise automobile show yearly in Crescent City. If your group or family is looking for variety, the redwood coast will offer it.

Links for researcher Dr. Sillett Canopy Albums | HSU and explorer Michael Taylor provided. Taylor may be revamping. Sillett has a lot of interesting canopy photos taken in the tops while climbing.

Note : I'm not a redwood guide ... but have met a few folks for friendly hiking, photography and exploring in the coast redwoods. (707) 464 - 2137 @ 701 Hy. 101 S. Crescent City, CA 95531. Click photo for more .. 8 / 2014 Curly Redwood Lodge Motel Lodging

Redwood Mini Pics

To speed the page, most clickable mini pics like the 8 below were moved to Redwood Mini Photos

James Irvine and Miners Ridge hiking trail Redwood National and State Parks Huge redwood in forest In redwoods  holding a lantern cluster of redwood trunks in Valley of Lost Groves Redwood twigs Redwood horse trail camp Michael Vaden by Boy Scout Redwood People next to redwood Westridge Giant Redwood hike

A few more largest. 1 - 15 are in the the top menu

Largest Redwoods 19 +  
photograph of worlds tallest maple, acer, in redwood forest

Some data is older. Select photo or link at left about recent discovery . . . Robert Van Pelt once wrote "There is always a bigger one out there somewhere" ... Forest Giants of the Pacific Coast -. From 2013 forward, names will not be published for rew discoveries. As new titans are found, I don't plan to modify old ranking. The pages beome history.

19 Atlas Redwood & Project 11 Arco Giant
21 Redwood Creek Giant 12 Drury Redwood
22 Godwood Creek Giant 13 Westridge Giant
24 Stratosphere / 3rd Tallest 14 Big Redwood
33 Fessler Giant 15 Giant Redwood
35 Dog Soldier Redwood 16 Brown Creek Giant
Redwood Giants & Tape Measuring Permits to Explore & Measure
Tallest of the Redwoods
One Log Truck
One of the tallest Coast Redwoods, Bull Creek Flats. Humboldt Redwoods State Park One Log Truck at Avenue of the Giants. Parked by Ancient Redwoods RV Park & Gift Shop. See
Rockefeller Coast Redwood at Bull Creek Flats Woman sitting on log in redwood forest
Organ Donors Grove
Walker Rd., Jedediah Smith
Woman sitting on log in redwood forest
Redwood forest and Red Ford Mustang

Hiking ... Maps

Redwood park map

I added a few of my own pages about certain trails where extra or different feedback seemed worthwhile.

You can find those below marked with MDV


Image right: Boy Scout redwood trail in Jedediah Smith. Select image to enlarge. will whack rating for traffic sound more than me. My emphasis dwells more on character of hiking trails.

To avoid re-inventing the wheel, I limit the repetitive, adding content where I feel the trail should be described differently or with added emphasis.

Abbreviations for parks are used. Jedediah Smith, Del Norte, Prairie Creek, Redwood National and Humboldt Redwoods parks are JS, DN, PC, RN, HR

If you click the image near the table, I simplified the Park map to show just Jedediah Smith redwoods park and access. Another entire NPS map shows several parks. is worth 5 stars for redwood hiking destinations, photos, trail ratings, detailed maps and more. The link is below.

Redwood park map

I refer to that site for my own adventures and enjoy the abundance of info.

Regarding Oregon, all 3 links may jump to the same page. California has the Lion's Share of the best redwood hiking trails.

There are maps available at park visitor centers, but view online maps prior to arrival at Redwood National and State Parks.

The north extent of Sequoia sempervirens is near Brookings, OR, but invest time in Northern California because there's so much more to experience in close proximity. You can view the entire NPS map from a link below or stop at a visitor center. Humbold Redwoods State Park Maps Oregon Redwoods Trail 1106
Redwoods Parks Service Maps NPS Save the Redwoods Explore a Park Oregon Redwoods Trail 1111
Muir Woods & Trails Muir Woods Humboldt Lagoons State Park Oregon Redwoods Trail 1107
  Redwood National & State Parks  
These next are by MDV    
Grieg, French, Bell Grove HR Boy Scout Redwood Trail JS Bull Creek Flats HR
Moorman Pond Trail PC Tall Trees Grove Trail RN Berry Glen Trail RN
Stout Grove Trail JS James Irvine Trail PC Simpson Reed Trail JS
Cal-Barrel Road PC Damnation Creek Trail DN Lady Bird Johnson RN
Backpack Redwood National PC Forty Four Creek Trail RN Hiouchi Trail JS
  Westridge Trail RN ... 6 Stars  



Big log in the coast redwoods, Avenue of the Giants
Largest Coast Redwoods ever Measured
or Photographed

Crannell Creek Giant 90,000 cu. ft.
Lindsey Creek 70,000 cu. ft.
Big stump in grove of coast redwoods at Humboldt
Crescent City harbor at the redwood coast Howland Hill Road in Jedediah Smith Redwoods Coast Redwood grove and sorrel, Avenue of the Giants


Some About Exploring

Banana Slug of the Redwood Forest

Exploring My time in the redwoods is hiking, camping, photography and exploring. The redwoods are an outdoor museum which also led to many interesting conversations, new friends, and some new height records.

2008 to 2012 provided opportunities to explore with Michael Taylor, Chris Atkins & Dr. Steve Sillett, in Redwood National Park, Prairie Creek redwoods and National Forest.

The days were vigorous, refreshing and memorable. Plus lending a hand locating tall redwoods related to LIDAR. Continued: Exploring Redwoods

After many redwood trips, one idea offered to travelers from afar is consider lodging reservations rather than camping to get more out of your adventure. It buys time, not just a room. Its your choice. But if time is limited, you can skip setup, drying tents, etc..

photograph of worlds tallest maple, acer, in redwood forest

Coast redwoods provide hikes and drives. Expect park staff & rangers to be helpful: they have been for me. The rangers and staff at the redwood visitor centers, collectively, are indispensable. Keep in mind that north California has the best places to see redwoods.

Oregon has just a little for old growth redwoods and trails.

The biggest list of giant and tallest coast redwoods discovered over the years came from two men who explored for decades: Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor. They explored alone and with others. See: Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor.

Taylor is an interesting fellow. Before meeting, I read about him in Preston's bestseller, which gave the impression of poor kid - rich dad - couldn't cope with college.

Having met Michael, I found a mechanical engineer who is expert with species ID and forests. And an appreciable understanding of algebra and trigonometry. He has an appreciation for gadgets and drones.

photograph of worlds tallest maple, acer, in redwood forest

In 2011, Michael became the California coordinator to verify nominations for the biggest of each species in that state.

redwood weddings

June 2011, Michael and I, explored in Oregon, discovering tallest live-top Douglas Fir @ 322.5', which may replace the impressive dead-top Doerner Fir someday. We also looked for pines in the Sierra Nevada and Red Buttes Wilderness.

For redwood geeks, take a peek at the Drury redwood mapping for another measuring aspect that Taylor did.

Ever wondered about how tall Redwoods can become? See How tall was the tallest Coast Redwood

Redwood hiking is among the best exercise I have ever done. A recreation overlapping my work and education. Redwoods can also increase an awe of God's work

National Geographic Redwood Portrait

Portland landscaping Expert Facebook option Redwood Book Review

Here is a coast redwood video link (below) from National Geographic about photographer Nichols working with a team of researchers to make a giant coast redwood portrait ... a composite image of 84 frames.

The project took 3 weeks, and the redwood photo was a centerpiece of National Geographic, October 2009.

You can see it here:

National Geophic - Making a Redwood Portrait


Other Places and Things to do

place for kids to play near coast redwoods

There are many places of interest among the north redwoods or close proximity to northern California. Oregon Caves is near Cave Junction, west of Hiouchi and Jedediah Smith redwoods. Keep in mind Harris Beach State Park next to Brookings (Oregon campgrounds are among the best in the US).

A play structure for children near Redwood Parks visitor center, Crescent City.

Trees of Mystery at Klamath, has a gondola ride and native American artifact museum. You can't miss is, because there is a huge Paul Bunyan and Babe the Ox. FYI ... the Brotherhood redwood there is the same General Custer redwood seen in old 1937 postcards. There is also an area set aside for redwood weddings. To conserve space, more suggestions were moved to another page ...

Click here to see more: Redwoods Travel. Places to See & Things to Do

Grove of Titans

Coast Redwood at Grove of Titans in Jedediah Smith Redwoods

This page began 2008 with a few photos from the Grove of Titans and Atlas Grove where some large redwoods grow, like Lost Monarch, Sreaming Titans or Iluvatar. Some people know those names from a book authored by Richard Preston.

Those few images eventually evolved into this collection of redwood information. If you scroll up the page, there's a link for each one of those individual redwoods with information, facts and photographs.

The parks provide no maps or directions to those particular redwoods.

Photo: Redwood "Chesty" Puller, courtesy of Gerald Beranek

99.99 % of redwood coast visitors will never see these in person, but the images and pages provide the opportunity to visualize what the redwood forest can develop after many centuries.

Read ... Atlas Grove & Project

Read ... Grove of Titans

The existence of redwoods this large became more widely known following 2008 and Preston's best-seller redwood adventure book. The illustrator for that book was Andrew Joslin, shown in the images on the mini pics page; standing in Atlas Grove, 2011, on a trip to Redwood National and State Parks.

It is possible that a larger Coast Redwood exists than Lost Monarch in the Grove of Titans. Several hills and valleys remain unexplored in Redwood National and State Parks. In fact ... 2014 ... we discovered several new titans, one with a 25 ft. diameter trunk at dbh ... proof that giants remain hidden.

October 2009 Coast Redwood National Geographic article

Book suggestions & online reading

I moved books and articles to their own section.

Richard Preston, Robert Van Pelt and National Geographic among them.

The 2012 Giant Sequoia & Coast Redwood 2009 articles included

Continue to more: Book Suggestions and Online READING


Odds & Ends

WW II Bombing in the "State of Jefferson": Japanese Fujita bombed the west coast, 1942, attempting to start fires near the northern redwoods of Crescent City & Brookings. The region is known as the State of Jefferson, the northern extent of the Coast Redwood natural range. See ..

Fujita Reference 1 | Reference 2 | Reference 3

Then related to BIGFOOT are these ...

World's only Bigfoot Trap

Bigfoot Museum of Willow Creek


Hyperion, World's Tallest Redwood

Hyperion redwood tallest in world

Hyperion: 115.61m | 379.1' tall, 15.88' diameter Image Policy

Hyperion was openly documented tallest in the world, 2006 - 2013. Previous to that, the record was Stratosphere Giant in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Hyperion coast redwood was discovered 2006 by Atkins and Taylor in Redwood National Park.

Post-2013, some new measuremenst for the tallest 20 are not being released with corresponding names, and changes occured for where each redwood ranks. From 2014, looking forward, the general public may not be able to ascertain exactly which redwood is the world record.

Back in 2006 - 2008, author Richard Preston etched in minds of readers that the 3 tallest were Hyperion, Helios and Icarus, all in Redwood National Park. But that was old news, and the order of the tallest 10 changed some just before and during the unusually dry spell of 2013 - 2014.

Dr. Steve Sillett from HSU and team climbed this redwood for a measurement filmed by National Geographic. The 2nd tallest Helios redwood is in the same park. Icarus the 3rd tallest (2006) is in the same grove near a "Dry Heaves Creek"


Continued at > > > Hyperion Redwood Page


Dial California highway conditions

Traveling to the redwoods, check highway conditions.
Especially Hy. 199 & Hy. 101.

1 - 800 - 427 - 7623


Redwood parks visitor centers
and information

ranger with redwood national and state parks

Redwood National and State Parks visitors centers are perfect for specific questions like ... What dates are camping reservations available? ... How do we tell the difference between a Coast Redwood and Douglas Fir? ... How do I get a camping permit for Redwood National Park? .... Is Howland Hill Road open? Map to Fern Canyon?

List of Redwood Park Information Centers & phone

Current Conditions information updates

Humboldt Redwoods State Park ... this park's camping and hiking is managed separately from RNSP above. Humbold Redwoods State Park info can be found at ...

Humboldt Redwoods State Park Information

Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Association



To EXPLORE ... aka "Bushwhack" ... FIND ... MEASURE

Redwood National and State Parks expressed their want for permits to explore and measure Coast Redwood forest. Redwood National Park is more flexible Hikers can disregard this because hiking needs no permits unless overnight camping in Redwood National or a trail where you need a gate lock combination.

If you plan to bushwhack in Redwood National and State Parks and expect to measure the diameter of trunks with a tape, laser or other gadget, that's considered data gathering falls under research permits. Suppose you tape-wrapped trail-side redwoods while hiking, that too would be data collection. Its an activity the average visitor doesn't do. The measuring is data collection even if its just diameters. Or, just heights.

Permits come from two sources depending whether its a state redwood park or Redwood National Park. State Parks like Jedediah Smith, Prairie Creek, Del Norte Coast Redwoods, Humboldt Redwoods Start with Crescent City visitor center and request contact:

Jay Harris, Senior Environmental Scientist, Redwood National Park


Wi-Fi internet hotspots

Wi-Fi Internet Suggestion In case you need to check email, share photos or find places on your vacation

This is a very challenging thing for me, because I like to tap into email, maps and other information, and 25% of the time, connections seem to vanish.


Lodging, motels, restaurants

Curly Redwood Lodge Motel Lodging

Here are some restaurant & motels, several which I enjoy for dining and lodging when I travel Humboldt and Del Norte counties of Nor Cal.

Most are are clean, affordable and comfortable options.

Curly Redwood Lodge CRESCENT CITY on Highway 101. Near food & shopping. 5 minutes from Redwood park.Huge rooms.

Coast Redwood Lost Monarch and Sir Isaac Newton at Jedediah Smith Redwoods

Sparkling bathrooms. Older but clean. Wi-Fi, cable TV. This is the motel I stay at most often. Affordable Redwood National and State Parks lodging. The covered parking is a nice feature. Fisherman's Restaurant is directly across the street ... same restaurant that Tommy (family owns Torero's) says is his favorite breakfast place. There are other restaurants just a few minutes walk..

TORERO"S MEXICAN RESTAURANT ... Crescent City. Easy to find. 400 US Hy. 199 N. Like this one more with every visit. Restaurant, Lounge. Taco Tuesday.

Hiouchi Motel HIOUCHI next door to Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. WiFi, "well behaved" pets. Rooms quaint, clean. Near market, restaurant, and fuel. Had microwave and small refrigerator.

Ravenwood Motel KLAMATH. Practically designer decorated, wireless Internet, Lodging for fishing, hiking, birding, vacation. Friendly service. Redwood National and State Parks lodging. Woke up one morning here and forgot I was not at home. Beverage and food across the street.

The Chart Room CRESCENT CITY. An excellent restaurant for seafood and other meals. Overlook the ocean, harbor, sea lions and light house. The interior is spacious. The servers seem to remain for years.

Mazottis EUREKA | ARCATA . An Italian restaurant. Clean, good atmosphere. Also beer, wine and full service bar..


Photo: Select image to enlarge. Woman from Crescent City, next to one of the largest Coast Redwoods in Redwood National and State Parks.

This one redwood was 26 ft. diameter.

Several redwoods were photographed like this to convey size to viewers. See more at Redwood Photos Series


Discovery Inn EUREKA. First stay at this motel was 2012. Comparable value to Motel 6 nearby. Its a coin toss. Clean room and bath. Fridge and WIFI. Convenient location. On Broadway / Highway 101

Bayview Motel EUREKA. Not a budget motel. On hill overlooking the town and bay. First stay was with two other explorers: got a 2 Queen Suite & adjoining single King. Nice balcony on 2nd floor

Redwood Hyperion Motel GRANTS PASS, Oregon. If you need a place close to I-5. An extra stepping stone to to Jedediah Smith redwoods if you are too tired for 2 extra road hours to Crescent City

The lobby has snacks, beverage coolers, coffee most of the day and a computer for internet browsing. A new Hyperion Suites addition named after the tallest redwood. Swimming and nice landscaping

Humboldt Redwoods Inn GARBERVILLE. Liked the convenience of this motel right at the turn around for downtown, and close proximity to restaurants, grocery and fuel. South end of town.

Historic Hiouchi Cafe HIOUCHI / CRESCENT CITY. Located in the quant community of Hiouchi, almost adjacent to Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park and Smith River. Along redwood highway 199.

More motels, inns, Redwood National Park
lodging & restaurants

Continued - >>>>> Redwood Vacation Lodging



Redwood information, facts and education

Redwood Guided Tours and Photography

Redwood Education Guide Nearly 100 pages. For those who want to learn about coast redwood community and help others.

Provides human history of coast redwood region, science to coast redwood ecosystem, how to conduct a field trip to a redwood park, lessons for a park visit.

Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Along the Eel River, Humboldt Redwoods State Park has over 53,000 acres, old-growth redwoods. 250 camp sites, 100 miles of hiking, biking, riding trails

Redwood Parks Association Established to assist California State Parks. Educational & Interpretive.

The Redwood Park Association merged with North Coast Redwood Interpretive Association. Both have a history funding interpretive staff, events, exhibits, signs, and publications

Redwood Profile by Flower Essence Society. Coast Redwood is Sequoia sempervirens

redwood weddings

Highway 199 ~ Redwood Highway Check out the Redwood Information and Map option too. Hy 199 is the main travel corridor between Redwood National Park and Crater Lake National Par

Sequoia sempervirens And informative page on Coast Redwoods with info and photos

Coast Redwood and Giant Sequioia: Compare Coast Redwood with Giant Sequoia at Wikipedia.

Different, but related, see Archangel Archive Propagate. They propagate Redwoods

Tours, Guides, Fun

photograph of worlds tallest maple, acer, in redwood forest

Redwood Adventures REDWOOD ADVENTURES has tours, hiking, more. Orick. Family vacation, romantic holiday, wedding. retreats. Full hospitality to visitors of Redwood parks. They know how to cook

Exploring with M. D. Vaden - Exploring as time permits. Available to those who have a huge appreciation for coast redwoods. These are basically personal get-togethers

The Redwood Coast Nature Guide Jenny Hanson, naturalist and nature guide for the Redwood Coast. Guided trips for individuals, families, and groups, including people with physical limitations.

Local naturalist services to bus tours, conventions and large groups. Based in Eureka. Services from Humboldt Redwoods State Park in the south to Jedediah Smith State Park and Crescent City in the north

Custom Ceramic Murals CERAMIC MURALS & TOUR. See link for more info. Look for Public Murals. This custom artwork is available for public viewing throughout parts of Crescent City.

FYI - the Guide site is inactive

But Redwood Ed as he's called, is still out and about,. His site is operational

redwood nurse log

3 JETBOAT TOURS: Klamath: Klamath River Jetboat. Gold Beach, Oregon: Jerrys Rogue Jets Grants Pass Hellgate Jetboat Excursions - Rogue River

Gifts & Souvenirs

Burl n' Drift 28101 Avenue of the Giants. Family owned and operated since 1967. Quality Redwood Souvenirs .... one of the best redwood gift shops

A the Ancient Redwoods RV Park and home of the Hollow Log Truck When you park, look for the Immortal Redwood

Campgrounds, RV resorts

Redwoods RV Resort RV, tent and cabin camping under soaring Sitka Spruce, Douglas fir and Coast Redwoods.

KOA Redwoods Campground - Crescent City, California. 17 forested acres

Ancient Redwoods RV Park Hollow Log Truck home. Redcrest. Near Founders grove. Mile north of Redcrest, California, on the world famous Avenue of the Giants

Also near Rockefeller Forest and Humboldt Redwoods State Park Visitor Center

Riverwalk RV Park Fortuna. Campground by the Eel River. Immaculate. Cabins, RV and Tent camping.

M. D. Vaden Cargo Trailer Conversion One version of cargo trailer camping. A growing trend in do-it-yourself camping



Redwood park map

Redwood photo: Select image to enlarge. Giant Cathedral Redwood, aka Fairy Ring, in Prairie Creek. Woman shown for scale is Kiera from Crescent City

Drive-through redwoods

Drive Through Redwoods Page about the 3 Drive Through Redwoods: Chandelier, Shrine and Tour-Thru

Drive Through Redwood Leggett Chandelier drive-thru redwood. Gift shop. Dawn to dusk. Best looking of the 3 drive-though.

Drive Through Redwoods Information USDA & Forest Service pages about the drive through redwoods.


Photography Workshop Info .. 2015 .. Photo Permit Info

Here's where I'm at on Photography Workshops ...

Woman in red dress with flower in hair at redwood forest

Down the road, I hope to offer workshops in the Coast Redwoods, but presently am not very strong technically. My strength leans toward composition and picking location for time of day or weather. Fair to say though ... I looked at workshop pages of some photographers related to Coast redwoods and I would pick my photos over about half of what I see.

If photographers contact me with a request for help getting around in the redwoods for photography, I would entertain the idea, maybe even deal with the permit matter. If you are adept and need comfort and reliability of photographng with someone who knows the lay of the land, drop a note and maybe we can arrange something. If you are a beginner needing technical help. I won't be the sharpest tool in the drawer; but I am not the dullest tool either.

Permits and Photography in the Redwoods ... Photographer professionals ... a note for you ...

To all you photographers out there, especially professionals ... the parks require permits for some photography. If you call the visitor center at Crescent City or the permit coordinator there, they can clarify. But here's a few things I gathered:

goosepen cave in redwood

If your equipment is compact like a camera and tripod and backpack, no permit should be required for landscape photography and photos of redwoods, trails, creeks, etc.. If you plan help from a model for commercial use, that needs a permit. Stands, lights and reflectors, etc., enter the realm of commercial photography from their point of view. Photography workshops need a permit. and with that insurance, an apparent obstacle for some applicants. But a lot of landscape and scenic photography does not require a permit, even if you plan to sell the prints.

Wish you well on your 2015 photography adventures,

Mario Vaden


Camera Gear Advice

The lenses selected may be your most important gear decision. To conserve space, suggestions were moved to the same page as the Redwood Photo Tips Continued


Tips for photography in the Redwoods

photo of the Chandelier Redwood drive through in Leggett

Some basics for taking photographs in the coast redwoods.

Carry or have extra batteries on hand.

For every horizontal (landscape) redwood photo, consider another taken vertically

The wet season .. October - June .. in my opinion, is the best season for redwood photography: View corridors are more numerous because deciduous leaves have fallen Rain moistens needles on the ground intensifying colors, and washes dust off evergreen leaves like ferns and huckleberry Colorful fungi and mushrooms are more abundant

... more photo tips continued on another page, read . . . Redwood Photo Tips Continued


Other Photo Stuff

Woman in red dress with flower in hair at redwood forest

North California and Redwoods Virtual Photography PIck a 360 degree tour

Images by Lowell Cottle Redwoods, birds and more.

North Coast Photos with Redwoods North Coast

Redwood Image Archaeology Redwood Post Card and Image Archive.

Dr. Van Pelt the Artist. Scientist, and author of Forest Giants of the Pacific Coast.


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