Forest Redwoods

Gemini Coast Redwood



Copyright 2013 by Mario Vaden

Lion burl on Gemini Coast Redwood

Gemini is one of the tallest Coast Redwoods among those found in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.

The trunk also has an "outstanding" unique feature ... a big growth that sticks out and dangles down.

Whether it's a burl, or part of an old branch stub that survived, I am not sure.

Height ... 345 ft. (2013)

Gemini Coast Redwood also has a burl of sorts, that could be described as looking like a Lion head, minus the mane. It reminds me of the movie Lion King.

This particular Coast Redwood is not very far from the visitor center in the park. The general vicinity is Foothill Trail to the north of Cal-Barrel Rd.

The photo below is the angle least often used, but is the most photogenic to capture the entire setting of this one with other trunks around it.

For a redwood "portrait" ... a shot from the left, looking up at it seems to portray it's shape just as well, as a single subject.


Unusual Coast Redwood called Gemini with a growth and burl