Redwoods in Jedediah Smith Park

Grieg, French, Bell Grove ... Humboldt Redwoods

Avenue of the Giants ... Along 254

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by Mario Vaden

6/10 mile approximately ... See The Location

Greig, French, Bell Grove is along the north end of Avenue of the Giants, with an appreciable turnout of ample parking. This is more of a grove and loop than a hike. Its not very well-known which is surprising considering the awe it can instill in some visitors. A mix of old growth and smaller Coast Redwoods with some other species. The beauty and wonder of the redwood sorrel carpeting the ground is so striking, its easy to have attention taken away from trunk sizes altogether. The little rolling hill mounds of sorrel have few equals if any in the redwood parks.

Actor Brad Pitt was photographed at Avenue of the Giants in 2014. I'm positive the image where he is laying in Redwood Sorrel was taken in this same exact Grieg, French, Bell grove.

Most visitors ... surprisingly ... constrain their activity to the foot paths, sparing the pristine look of the vegetation. This is one of my recommendations for a small redwood wedding location ... if the parks will approve.

Top image: the top photo represents the look and feel for much of the grove. Bottom image: leaning Bay Laurel, aka Pepperwood, sprouting new stems that will from larger trunks someday.

Boy Scout Redwood Hiking Trail

Boy Scout Redwood Hiking Trail