Redwoods in Stout Grove

Fessler Redwood | 33rd largest | Simpson Reed

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The redwood below, is apparently the Fessler giant. At, Michael Taylor had the Fessler redwood listed (2014) as 33rd largest ... 215 ft. tall, 19 ft. diameter ... over 21,000 cubic feet. I meant to ask, because this one seemed a bit shorter than 215 ft. But it may have broken-off a little height. In just the past 5 years, big chunks broke out of several huge Coast Redwoods, Godwood Creek Giant, Stout Redwood, El Viejo del Norte and the well-known Big redwood at Prairie Creek.

This Coast Redwood is an easy one to spot if you are looking for a big redwood photo. Go into Jedeidah Smith Redwoods State Park, turn into Walker Rd., then take a short hike through the Simpson Reed Discover Trail.

There's plenty of big wood in this grove

Artemis Coast Redwood in Atlas Grove of Prairie Creek