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Brad Pitt coast redwood photo shoot trees

Humboldt Redwoods State Park backdrop for Brad Pitt redwood photos

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2016 - Mario Vaden


For any who may be fans of actor Brad Pitt, this grove may be of interest. In 2014, Brad Pitt was on the cover of Details magazine, photographed along Avenue of the Giants. The backdrop for that photo session and some video included this Grieg-Bell-French Grove in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Slightly south of Pepperwood. The 2nd image below is a screen capture from video which Details posted on Youtube, paused at 2:14.

Wish I could have done Brad's photos that day. Not just to meet him, but because I think they just dented the potential that coast redwood forest offers for portraiture.

Bradd Pitt's photographer Mark Seliger or videographer, probably stood just to left on that tiny path you see vanish to the side of my photo. The angles vary, but if you look at the lower bark shapes, Brad Pitt is walking by the same exact coast redwood as the one in the left foreground of my image behind the man with the tripod. My photo was taken 2015. The man with the cap is author Gerald F. Beranek of Ft. Bragg, plus four of his international friends (three from Denmark). From the main parking area, this stand of redwoods was to the right side of the grove.

Brad Pitt Photo Session coast redwood grove used by photographer

Brad Pitt Photo Session coast redwood photography location in Humboldt Redwoods