Redwoods in Jedediah Smith Redwood Park

Terex Titan Coast Redwood | 8th

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This redwood is called Terex Titan, in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. According to something written by Dr. Robert Van Pelt, I believe the discoverers were Ron Hildebrant and Michael Taylor, the big redwood explorers. The name they gave refers to a 600+ ton General Motors truck with 3,500 horsepower used for operations like copper mining in Utah, etc.. It used to be the 8th largest known coast redwood back around 2000 to 2013 before a bunch of new discoveries were fourd.

For reference, 2009 data for Terex Titan redwood is 270' or 83.3 m high, 21.3' diameter, and 32,384 cubic feet wood volume. What you see below is the bottom of the "pretty" side, which has a small cave in the bottom. The other side has some damage to the bark where falling debris scraped against it. Forest researcher Robert Van Pelt, wrote that Terex Titan probably had a structure very similar to Iluvatar many years ago before some breakage and sprouting of new reiterated stems overhead. Richard Preston wrote in a chapter called Newfound World that Sillett noticed an 8' tall Sitka Spruce growing in Terex Titan on one of the limbs in the canopy. Terex coast redwood also is one of the few redwoods where the lichen 'Fairy Puke' was found. A yellow-green & pink one.

The area around Terex Titans redwood has the largest or tallest sword ferns I have seen. I held a frond end up eight feet over my head.

Image below: is more recent than the first one used when this page began. This was taken 2016 when I traveled down to take photos of Grogan's Fault for a large print canvas. I was also treated to a breakfast at the Prairie Creek campground, shortly after this was taken. Many of my images have memories for me.


Terex Titan redwood written about by Preston in The Wild Trees