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"The Milk" !

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Copyright 2017 by Mario Vaden


In 2017, I met one Ernesto from Spain, in the redwoods. His father glanced at a spectacular trunk and exclaimed "La Leche !!". They said that back home when something is among the best of the best, it may be called "The Milk" or "La Leche". Similar to an American expression the "The Bees Knees". I promised to use the name someday for a redwood ..... For several years, I had my eye on the cathedral redwood below, and finally photographed it summer 2017. A river receded and I was able to cross over. Days later I printed and framed the photo 20 x 30 inches. And this became one of my favorite coast redwood photos of all. It will be known as "La Leche". In the photo, the trunk my left hand is resting on is between me and a discovery named Hail Storm back in 2016. Image below: coast redwood cathedral "La Leche"


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