the Sea Cruise at Curly Redwood Lodge in Crescent City

The Sea Cruise in Crescent City

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Here's a brief heads-up about the yearly event in Crescent City, called the Sea Cruise

the Sea Cruise auto car show downtown Crescent City

The show is typically in October.

It is important to know about if you plan to visit the Coast Redwoods and hope to find lodging in Crescent City during the event.

It is worth calling in advance about lodging and reservations rather than just showing up in town and hoping for several vacancies to choose from.

As far as traffic goes, that did not see to be much difficulty.

Some participants handle room reservations like life memberships, reserving the same room 365 days in advance.

The motel shown above is the Curly Redwood Lodge. In a historical respect, it looks perfect during this event because the 1950s era motel has most of the covered parking bays filled with antique autos and hot rods. Its like a tiny car show in itself.

The Sea Cruise was much better than anticipated the first time I went for a look. I made an extra effort to overlap one of my redwood trips with this event.

I was expecting to see quite a few cars of low budget projects with grey primer, half finished. Instead, 98% were high-end top notch restorations and customized work. There were a few motorcycles too.

If you want to know more about dates, search for "sea + cruise" and "northern + knights" the club that coordinated dates, entries, music, etc. The chamber of commerce is probably a good contact too.