Redwoods in Jedediah Smith Park

Richardson Redwood Grove and Hiking Trail

7 miles south of Garberville, Ca, along Hy. 101, southern Humboldt

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2015, by Mario Vaden

One of California's first redwood parks, from 1922. Began with 122 acres and grew to at least 1,800 acres.

Other hiking sites may give a more intricate point-by-point description of Richardson Grove's hiking trail (s). The main point I want to get across here is that the park has a unique draw to it that seems irresistable sometimes. I find it difficult to pass this park, even if my destination is beyond it. It holds highlights of photogenic beauty. The older or more impressive trees for most will likely be the lowland area near the visitor center. But there is a hiking trail, that may as well be considered "the" trail, called the Lookout Point trail. It's about 2.5 miles long.

Last I read, noted that the upland section didn't begin to compare to the lowland redwoods, but had a "spare beauty not found in any second growth forest". On that note, I would like to encourage a few of you to search "Beranek Publications" of Ft. Bragg, or seek the Navarro Redwoods book by Gerald F. Baranek. I think you will learn that the spare beauty of Richardson Grove upland second-growth is equally matched in that other Navarro River Redwoods State Park.

That is not argued argumentative, since's feedback was all on a positive note. But the extra tip seemed worth interjecting, especially since that's why my redwood hiking pages are aimed at. I'm not trying to build a hiking site, but instead enhance the redwood experience and perception.

Anyway, Richardson Grove is worth the time to stop and look even if you just wander the low grow and photograph a few trees. There is also camping and swimiing. Funny ... the rules I read said no jumping or diving That's funny.

If you want to take the full trail .. and there will be some traffic sound ..

From the visitor center parking, go north, make a left at the entrance driveway, go under Hy. 101, make another left turn, proceed down the trail along the highway. You will gain elevation, reach a campground, then go by it either side on a road to the bathroom and look for the trailhead sign across from it. Then you are on your way, into a pretty area, less mature than where you started.


Visitor center at Richardson Grove next to some very tall coast redwoods

Richardson Grove and redwood hiking trail