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If you need a redwood wedding photographer in the coast redwood forest, feel free to contact me from photography website For a marriage in the redwoods, contact the park's event or permit coordinator for details. I added a link down the page. My experience in the redwoods is extensive, and I should be one of your best choices due to variables in weather during the seasons, and lighting that can change by the minute through the day.

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Wedding Photographer wedding in Coast Redwoods

Photo: following the redwood wedding ceremony near Stout Grove at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park


Maybe you already have a guess about average wedding photographer fees for a full day. But give me a call, let me know how much time you need and I will suggest compensation needed. I can also provide some free phone consultation about redwood forest conditions and and local towns for people who choose my service. Redwood weddings are practical for areas already used like an established trail or overlook. A group should not trafffic untouched patches of ferns and sorrel.

If couples and guests plan the event as a 2 day vacation and explore the redwoods too, it may become more enjoyable and practical. For these parks below, contact the Crescent City parks office, and permit coordinator:

> Jedediah Smith Redwoods
> Del Norte Redwoods
> Prairie Creek Redwoods
> Redwood National Park

For Humboldt Redwoods State Park, contact California Department of Parks and Recreation

Humboldt Redwoods State Park / Avenue of the Giants

(2013) permit application fee is $80

Below are a few suggestions to consider for locations. Whether those are available for redwood weddings is unknown until you ask the park's coordinator.. But if someone asked me about a good spot to get married in the redwoods, or for after-ceremony photos, these are some spots that come to mind, I added in parenthesis an estimate how many people may be able to fit, and walking time. Abbreviations are Humboldt redwoods HRSP, Jedediah Smith redwoods JRSP, Prairie Creek redwoods PCRSP, Redwood National Park RNP, Del Norte Redwoods State Park DNRSP . For a place near Stout Grove, inquire about temporary road closure around late May or early June for a couple of weeks for maintenance.

Suggested locations & walking time

Greig, French Bell Loop HRSP
Avenue of the Giants (50) - 1 min.
Mattole Rd. at Calf Creek HRSP
Sign and foot path (20) - 1 min.
Boy Scout Tree Trail mid-way JSRSP
(40) - 40 min.
Women's Federation Grove HRSP
Avenue of the Giants (50) - 1 or 2 min.
Cal-Barrel Road PCRSP
(7 to 50) - 5 to 15 min.
James Irvine Trail foot bridges PCRSP
(12) - 20 minutes from visitor center
Best off-season when activity is slow
Hiouchi X Mill Creek trails (JSRSP)
(30) need seasonal bridges. 15 min.
Simpson Reed Discovery trail JSRSP
(15 to 20) - 5 to 15 min.
Damnation Creek Trail DNRSP1st 1/4 mile
(15) - 5 min.
Saddler Grove HRSP
(50) - 1 min.
Rockefeller Loop HRSP
(40) - 5 min.
Nickerson Ranch Trail JSRSP
(20) - 5 to 15 min.
Big Tree & Deck ~ if allowed PCRSP
(50 - 100) - 1 min.
Stout Grove JSRSP
(30) - 5 min.


Photos: Couple in Redwood National and State Parks. Couple on overlook above Newberg, OR

Wedding Photographer wedding in Coast Redwoods

Wedding in Coast Redwoods