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Avenue of the Giants | CA state route 254

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Avenue of the Giants is approximately 40 miles south of Eureka, California, and 167 miles north of Santa Rosa.

FYI ... I added this to my menu's must see category because the groves and drive are beautiful, and often jaw-dropping for many people. But on another page, for people coming from the north like OR or WA, with limited time like one or two days, Jedediah Smith, Prairie Creek and Redwood National redwood parks were the suggestions.

Otherwise, if you have time and the means from the north, or from the south, this park is world-class gorgeous virtually all year. Although autumn to spring is my favorite.

The Avenue of the Giants is the scenic redwood forest drive along California state route 254 through Humboldt Redwoods State Park: previously part of US highway 101.

The south entrance to the Avenue of the Giants is north of Garberville, and the north entrance is south of Fortuna near Redcrest. The highway leads to famous redwoods that surround the highway lanes. The road winds along the Eel River, connecting several small towns: Phillipsville, Miranda, Myers Flat, Burlington, Weott, Englewood, Redcrest and Pepperwood.

The road has numerous turnouts, parking areas, picnic sites and attractions for visitors. Bull Creek, which is more of a river, flows into the Eel River. The rivers provide many excellent swimming locations, including one near the Rockefeller forest, Women's Federation Grove and Founders Grove. There are many places to dip and swim and hike, photograph and relax.

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Avenue of the Giants through Humboldt Redwoods State Parks


Founders Grove - Dyerville Loop Road

Near Weott, Founders Grove has an easy half mile self-guided walk. This trail is an example of old-growth redwood forest and contains a few very big trees, including the 346' tall Founders redwood, and the 370 foot long Dyerville Giant which fell down in 1991. Turn off Avenue of the Giants route 254 onto Dyerville Loop Rd.

Just to the south aloing 254 and virtually interconnected with this area, is a Mahon Plaque trail. Don't limit yourself to just the famous destinations listed on brochures. If you see an attractive spot with parking, pull over and explore a path.

Mattole Rd. - Bull Creek Flats Rd.

This road is pretty much one and the same. Turn west onto this road from Avenue of the Giants. The turn is a very short distance before Dyerville Loop Rd. which is only about 1000 feet farther to the south down route 254. Heading down Bull Creek Flats Rd. are trailheads, Albee Campground and parking for the Tall and Giant Redwoods.

Some of the best hiking is along the Bull Creek Flats in this area, through giant old growth. A famous redwood Bull Creek Giant redwood is somewhere near Bull Creek in this area.

Immortal Redwood

Along the Avenue of the Giants, northern stretch, you may see a sign for the Immortal Redwood. Said to be over 950 years old and close to 250 feet tall. It survived the 1964 flood, a 1908 attempt at logging, and direct lightning strike which removed 45 feet. Markers are visible on this redwood, denoting the heights where axes and floodwaters struck. You may see a gift shop and RV Park nearby. One noteworthy thing about this redwood is the 1964 flood marker showing high high the entire Bull River was. When you stand there, look at the marker and imagine the water level that high in all directions.

As with most other redwood parks, contact the Humboldt Redwoods State Park park ranger office about trails, camping and other information.