Redwoods in Stout Grove

Gargoyle Tree ~ Coast Redwood

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park ~ Miners Ridge Trail

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Meet Gargoyle ...

Found in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, along Miners Ridge Trail. From the visitor center, follow signs for the James Irvine Trail. After 20 to 30 minutes, take the left fork for Miners Ridge.

Actually, Gargoyles acted as types of water spouts, whereas Chimeras were the erie shaped sculptures for mainly decorative purposes. But so much rain dumps on the redwood forest, that Gargoyle seems appropriate.

This redwood is among some of the most unusual looking for burls or bark shapes in Redwood National and State Parks. Your imagination can visualize all sorts of faces and shapes.



Gargoyle Redwood of Miners Ridge Trail

Gargoyle is slightly outside the southern half of the Valley of the Lost Groves