Forest Redwoods

Mystery Coast Redwood #4

A very complex and shapely coast redwood

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Copyright 2016 by Mario Vaden


This is one of most interesting coast redwoods we encountered between 2012 and 2016. The other side is harder to get a good angle for photos, but it's photogenic from this uphill side also. I brightened the photo some, because it was almost 4pm during the month of November. We bailed-out soon afterward and it was basically night time when we got in our vehicle to leave the park.

Whenever you are in the coast redwoods, even on established trails. figure on a one hour difference for daylight between the redwood forest and the towns outside. If sunset and dark begins 7pm in Orick or Crescent City, assume night-like darkness under 300 ft. redwood canopy around 6pm. If you need to hike late day. bringing a flashlight may be a good idea.

At least twice, Chris Atkins and I needed flashlights in near total darkness for upwards of a full hour. One time a ranger was waiting by my truck, waiting to see if anyone was returning. We exchanged greetings and each left for supper. That particular day was very memorable too because moving quick to get out of dense forest, a branch stub hooked the loop on Chris's backpack and he cussed-up-a-storm for a moment until he got free.

As a mystery page, the name goes anonymous. But members of AC/DC would probably appreciate the choice.


Giant Coast Redwood