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On the Grogan's Fault and Discovery pages, I mentioned this page as a place-holder to represent undisclosed discoveries of 2014 - 2016. The emissary for any #1's with more points, volume, height or girth than anything revealed. The Dark Horse held the fort previously as the emissary but I moved it with the Awesome & Big. Because additional largest and widest redwoods get found and are not published, the ranking of #1 becomes more obscure with every month passing. Therefore it makes more sense to leave the top position blank and leave the aggregate of discoveries up to the reader's imaginations. This page will stand as window dressing ... but ... anything posted here before (or future), may actually have real significance that goes unspoken.

The redwood below definitely has a name, but it's more interesting to keep that secret and just let the photo speak louder than words or names. I don't recall ever showing this one on the site anytime before. It's doubtful readers will miss the red cap, but that's the reference for size and scale. This ancient coast redwood is close to 42 ft. from left side to right side at the base. It grows in Redwood National and State Parks between Trinidad and Klamath.


The Largest Coast Redwood Emissary