Redwoods in Stout Grove

Gold Rush ~ Coast Redwood

RNP ... and off the grid

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This redwood ... Gold Rush ... is as far off the beaten path as it gets, discovered with Chris Aktins, in Redwood National and State Parks. The area is not very accessible to most people, unless you consider mountain bikes conventional. The day's bushwack was long both ways. I think we went through more than one set of batteries getting out with headlamps and flashlights. This may be the longest post-sunset bushwhack I've ever done.

This redwood can also be lumped-in with the finds that kick-started the new era of discovery

I added this to my redwood links under "extraordinary" and "unusual", August, 2015. Those headings cover redwoods that have unusually large diameters, exceptional total volume or unusual and odd characteristics.


Redwood Gold Rush in Redwood National and State Parks


Chris Atkins on the right side. It was late afternoon, the light was too coorperative for photography.