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Exploring the Coast Redwoods

If you are looking for a coast redwood guide, there are tour guides near Humboldt who have a commercial permit for redwood parks. My trips to the redwoods meed to be scheduled as friendly encounters with no specific itinerary: exploring and photographing for mutual enjoyment. Often with dining afterward to recap the day. I am not a bonafide "redwood guide". On the southern Oregon side, gifts or fees are appropriate to compensate time and mileage to the border. On the park side, I can't detail itineraries, but it's fair to say that adventures exploring with friends usually exceeds formal guided tours anyway.

Marshall Neeck, a chief ranger for Redwood National and State Parks, wrote a "valid Commercial Use Authorization" is required to conduct "guided tour business in the redwood parks". Rules mean our adventure can't promise a specific itinerary. If you want to learn the forest from me, that's the framework to work around. I've explored with people from around the world: Africa, Jamaica, Germany, UK, France and the USA. I also explored the redwoods extensively with Michael Taylor, Chris Atkins and a few researchers. If you want a bonafide redwood guide for a basic walking tour with an itinerary, start with Redwood Adventures near Orick, and ask about redwood tours and cost. Or my redwood page at Redwood Tours for a couple other.

Sometimes I feel like a locksmith and teacher after thirty five years as an arborist, coupled with years in the redwoods. Helping others unlock a few mysteries and read the trees and redwood forest. The images below show a few people I enjoyed sharing the forest with over the years ... Cheers, Mario


Photo: Andrew Joslin, Illustrator of best-selling redwood adventure book The Wild Trees

coast redwood tour guide information with Andrew Joslin


Photo: Thomas from Germany on our 4th coast redwood adventure

Thomas from Germany exploring the Coast Redwoods on self guided tour


Photo: Brother & Sister photographers from Jamaica in coast redwood splendor

Woman enjoying coast redwoods in redwood guides choice of grove


Photo: Leon visiting from Johannesburg

coast redwood guided tours in lost groves


Photo: Chris Atkins, co-discoverer of world's tallest redwood 2006.
We have explored together countless times in the coast redwood forest.

 Coast Redwood guide tour wtih Chris Atkins


Photo: in the redwoods with men from Denmark, and author photographer Gerald Beranek

Coast Redwood Tour in the redwood forest



Photo: Michael from South Africa, surrounded by coast redwoods

coast redwood guided tours at valley of redwoods


Photo: Leon & Traci from Johannesburg, near a cathedral redwood

tourists on self guided redwood tour hike


Photo: Richard fromHumboldt, admiring a redwood in Redwood National and State Parks

Hiker from Eureka exploring tour of coast redwood forest


Photo: Photographer from LA, by a redwood covered with burls

coast redwood guids tour in redwood groves


Photo: researcher Dr. Steve Sillett, engulfed at Redwood National and State Parks

Coast Redwood self guided tour with Dr. Steve Sillett exploring


Photo: a friend from San Diego, enjoying a sunny morning among giant coast redwoods.

Coast Redwood Tour woman between coast redwood trunks at Redwood National Park


Photo: From France to the Coast Redwoods for fun and adventure.

Coast Redwood tour and couple among huge Coast Redwood trees


Photo: Brendon from the UK, overlooking the Smth River which flows through the redwoods

coast redwood self guided tour looking at redwoods


Photo: a friend Chuck, from Trinidad, beneath a huge redwood burl

Coast Redwood tour guide location


Photo: friend Michael Taylor, exploring the heart of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.
Michael is also a discoverer (with Chris Atkins) of Hyperion, world's tallest redwood, in 2006.

Michael Taylor discoverer world tallest redwood tour guides area