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Bell - Coast Redwood #27 in Prairie Creek

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Copyright 2015 by Mario Vaden


This is the base of the coast redwood Bell in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. The photo belongs to Gerald Beranek shown in the image, taken 2010 and used with permission. Bell was approximately the 27th largest coast redwood (2007). Most of the grove has good protection from wind, and plenty of moisture. There are over 2030 Salmonberry in the 2.47 acre (one hectare) study plot where it stands with other giant coast redwoods like Iluvatar and Atlas.

Height 314 ft. | Volume 22,750 cubic ft. | Diameter dbh 19.8 ft.

Although I visited other awesome redwoods nearby with Gerald, he didn't get a chance to see Grogan's Fault since it was undiscovered at that time. But Gerald captures such beautiful photography, I hope he can photograph a few more someday. Look how beautiful the color is. The hint of aqua blue on the trunk highlights what to expect in the coast redwoods. Bell is in a grove that has an extraodinary comfort to it. The light, the age, the density. But its very peaceful.

October 2015, I posted to my redwood blog that Praiire Creek was probably the best park for easy viewing of exceptionally large coast redwoods. I think that Bell and this photo emphasize it. There are many places in that park where you can see huge redwoods without extreme exertion. I would suggest Brown Creek trail, Cal-Barrel Rd. and the Big Tree area to view coast redwoods in a similar setting.

The 2nd photo shows Bell six years later in 2017. Small changes are evident.

Redwood Bell in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park with Gerald Beranek


Redwood Bell in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park with Marcy