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Redwood Creek Giant Coast Redwood | 21st

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Copyright 2014 by Mario Vaden

Redwood Creek Giant is located in Redwood National Park and is the 21st largest (2014)

The trunk shown, is about 17 ft. diameter. Chris Atkins shown for scale. Just over 26,000 cubic feet and 362 ft. or 110.3 m tall.

There are many other redwoods in the park just as pleasing to view, but if you had the curiousity to spot this Coast Redwood, it's one of the handful an average hiker may be able to find if they put their mind to it. Without giving specific directions ... if you hiked between the trailheads for Redwood Creek Trail and Tall Trees Grove Trail, likely you will pas this one.

I recall hearing this being a favorite of redwood researcher Prof. Steve Sillet, because Redwood Creek Giant has 1. great size 2. exceptional height 3. plenty of complexity in the crown. At 362 ft., this redwood is within just 18 feet of the world's tallest.

Howland Hill Giant redwood in Del Norte County