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The Mutant Redwood | Prairie Creek

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Copyright 2014 by Mario Vaden

This is the Mutant Redwood ... a specimen in The Valley of the Lost Groves at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park ... unspecified location. I never measured it because the appeal for me has been the unique irregularity. The woman in the 2nd photo is Kiera Hulsey of Crescent City who helped me photograph and document Lost Monarch in Jedediah Smith redwoods. The man in the first photo is Andrew Joslin, who illustrated for The Wild Trees, a best-seller by author Richard Preston. This is the day I showed Andrew and his wife some of Prairie Creek.

This is not on map, nor do I think the visitor centers will direct you to it ... and why I'm presenting the Mutant Redwood here. The heart of the park revealed.

Giant Mutant Coast Redwood with Andrew Joslin

Giant Mutant Coast Redwood with Kiera Hulsey