Redwood Trees in Stout Grove

"Jabba" (the redwood)

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Copyright 2009 by Mario Vaden

Jabba the Redwood

The photo below shows Chris Atkins in front of an unusual coast redwood in Redwood National Park. I call this one "Jabba" after Jabba the Hutt, in Star Wars.

See the root growing to the right on top of the ground? It's about 7 feet thick (tall) near the trunk, and extends about 35 feet, much of which is outside the picture. The root diameter is roughly half of the 13 foot trunk diameter. A surface root this size is exceptionally rare.

This coast redwood is on a remote hillside in Redwood National Park east of McArthur Creek. This is quinessential old growth Coast Redwood forest.

Redwood called Jabba in Redwood National Park