Redwoods in big northern park grove

Titanic Cathedral Redwood

Continued from: Largest Coast Redwoods

Copyright 2009 by Mario Vaden

The photo below shows what is referred to as a Cathedral Tree or a Fairy Ring. Its the result of basal sprouts growing around the stump or trunk of an older tree. Basically, the giant coast redwood verson of suckers. Typically, these are genetically the same as the parent redwood, and share the same root system, which can be very old. The main trunk of this one can be see back behind, and its huge, with some of the biggest bark ridges I've ever seen. This is in the Valley of the Lost Groves, at Prairie Creek redwoods.

Previously, a small image of this was on my main redwood page, but I needed to conserve space, and added a bit bigger image here. In the albums, you can find the redwoods and view larger yet.

This Titanic Giant, as I call this redwood, is one of the larger cathedral redwoods in the park. Its not a champion tree, but it sure is a nice sight to enjoy.

Cathedral Redwood also known as a Fairy Ring Redwood