Historic Redwood Panoramic Photos

Era 1911 - 1915


The following historic redwood images are some hefty panoramic views I found online at the Library of Congress. Curved features in some photographs connote some kind of wide angle lens. There are plenty of things going on if you look closely.

Click to enlarge. The bigger views will be 3000 pixels wide, so get ready to scroll side to side. Click again to return to the thumbnail redwood panoramas.


Historic Photograph of Albion, California

Historical Union redwood lumber company photo

Historical redwood lumber company photo with ship offshore

Historic logging scene in forest with people

Historic redwood scene with man walking

Historic photo of redwood forest area near Mendocino

Historic Irvine Redwood Lumber

Old historic redwood town of Scotia

1911 historic photograph of Wendling in redwood country


Best I can tell, the photographer's name was S. U. Bunnell, who photographed more places than just the coast redwoods. Because of the width, I think these are among the better historical pics I've browsed, pertaining to redwood forests, logging and mills. Can you imagine if the camera were not invented until like the 1960s? The invention of the camera enabled us to preserve views of the old forests, mills and logging towns.


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