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Redwoods. Books and Online Reading

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Here is the Redwood and Forest reading recommendation continued. My main redwood page mentioned the authors Preston and Van Pelt. Those are included. The first group are book suggestions. Following, are online articles or websites with more informative content.

The Wild Trees: A Story of Passion and Daring
Richard Preston
Forest Giants of the Pacific Coast. Out of print. Price jump.
Robert Van Pelt
Redwood Book Review
The Redwood Forest: History, Ecology, and Conservation
The Legacy of Luna
Coast Redwood: A Natural and Cultural History
Best Short Hikes In Redwood National & State Parks
From the Redwood Forest
National Geographic: Redwoods 10 /2009 .....

National Geographic

Included here with 2009 for Coast Redwood, is also the Giant Sequoia in 2012 article. Use those links to read the articles, or search online to order copies.

October 2009 Coast Redwood National Geographic article December 2012 Giant Sequoia President National Geographic article

Dan Bain Redwood Photos
Virtual guidebook with 360 degree views
Redwood King of Humboldt
About Humboldt logging history
Cathedral Grove Canada
Canadian website with forest info
1964 National Geographic
Online 1964 redwood article
1899 Nat Geo
Online 1899 redwood article
Railroading Redwoods
Article and photographs
Dr. Donald Perry
Canopy researcher
National Park Service
Multimedia and Photos tour
Redwood & Forest Facts
Info posted by
Tall for Its Age
Climbing the Tallest Redwood
Bull Creek Giant & Ishii Hiroaki
Photo: Hiroaki and Bull Creek Giant
Forest Service Employees Jan-Feb 2001
Good article: Redwood NP & Logging
Sempervirens Fund
Information. Once had the Redwood Doctor
Redwoods at
Gymnosperm Database Redwoods page
Conifer Country Education
Conifer diversity in NW California
Australia's Champion Registry
Check out the biggest in Australia
Centurion Tallest Eucalyptus
Overseas GIT Forestry Blog
NPS Redwood History Basics Online
Interesting Info & Images - Floods Included Too