Redwoods in Jedediah Smith Park

Edible Elk Poop

Rare snack turds, found at Elk Meadow Cabins near Redwood NP

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Edible Elk Poop, found at Redwood Adventures between Orick, CA, and Prairie Creek Redwoods SP

If you have a craving for some tasty turds, stop by or call Redwood Adventures, where I got this small package of Redwood Park Elk Poop.

Guaranteed to be the best tasting scat along the redwood coast. This may even rival the great bake pies of the Palms Cafe in Orick, near Redwood National Park.

Availability may be limited edition or seasonal. Contact Redwood Adventures to inquire.


Image: Edible Elk Poop found at Redwood Adventures & Elk Meadow Cabins


Edible Elk poop near Redwood National Park