Redwoods in Jedediah Smith Park

Kidtown at the Redwood Coast ~ aka Kid's Town

Kidtown / Kid Town, Crescent City, CA, Beach Front Park by Front St.

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The two photos below show Kidtown in Crescent City, CA, at the Beachfront Park along Front St.. Its less than a 1 minute drive from Hy. 101, almost in view of Redwood National and State Parks visitor center. And very close to the Curly Redwood Lodge motel, and other motels.

When you are done with a day's redwood hike, and if you are staying at a motel in Crescent City, bring your children down to this fun facility. Close to the beach and lighthouse too. And lots of open lawn space all around.

Images: day time and night ... it may be closed at dark, but the lit shapes look interesting

Initial planning estimates were $115,000, and all though that is a lot, I think the park was well worth the investment. Its awesome looking and kids have a lot of fun.

Kidtown was completed in 2000. An September 14, 2000 article in the Del Norte Triplicate ran the headline "LAST DETAILS AT KIDTOWN FINALLY NAILED DOWN"

One Dr. Kevin Caldwell was a very first supporter and donor, followed by Del Norte Healthcare District, many local nonprofits, agencies, and Humboldt Area Foundation. Students brough jars of coins. Finally, two brothers dedicated proceeds from their motherís house (inheritance?) and gave $80,000. Those brothers were Bill and L.B. Hartwick, masonry contractors since the 1950s. One weekend the park was constructed, over 400 volunteers came. Teams began to raise walls, swings and slides.


Kidtown or Kid Town, also known as Kids Town at the Redwood Coast town Crescent City

Kidtown or Kid Town, at night, also known as Kids Town at the Redwood Coast town Crescent City