Redwoods in Stout Grove

The Parthenon "Sequoia"

Coast Redwood @ Prairie Creek Redwoods - Near Visitor Center

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Copyright 2015 by Mario Vaden


The Coast Redwood shown below is called "The Parthenon"

It stands in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park past the visitor center parking, but before the campground, tucked away back from the elk prairie.

Several people expressed that The Parthenon appears to be Giant Sequoia, because the overall shape seems like Sequoiadendron giganteum. But the foliage and cones are definitely Sequoia sempervirens; coast redwood.

This redwood has some imaginary resemblance to the simplicity of ancient Greek Doric columns. Those were the ones used to support The Parthenon, over 25 centuries old. The redwood in this photo, is probably half that age at least; also standing for many centuries.

If you find this redwood and want to emphasize its girth, have your subject stand on the right or the left side, about half way back instead of toward the front. That the woman seems so small hugging the trunk with the redwood entirely behind, indicates how large this coast redwood has grown.


Coast Redwood in Prairie Creek that looks like a Sequoia