Redwoods in Sequoia sempervirens forest

Bull Creek Giant Coast Redwood 10th

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Bull Creek Giant in Humboldt Redwoods State Park was the 10th largest known coast redwood before new discoveries after 2013. This redwood is on the cover of the book Forest Giants by Van Pelt. The 2010 data for Bull Creek Giant coast redwood was:

337' high, 22.3' diameter and 31,144 ft cu. ft. volume

Bull Creek Giant is in the vicinity of Bull Creek / Bull Creek Flat, a tributary of the Eel River. This was the largest known Sequoia sempervirens in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park, where surrounding stands of coast redwoods have world record biomass. Researcher Dr. Robert Van Pelt, wrote that this forest has more wood per unit of area than anywhere else on Earth.

The trunk tapers rather quickly to 16' thick at 11 feet above the ground, with hardly any noticeable taper after that for over 100 feet. It's still 10 wide at 160 feet high, and 5' wide at 310 feet high. Bull Creek Giant has the second largest known trunk diameter on earth at 310 ft..

The Bull Creek Flats area is the tallest forest canopy on the planet, with the highest density of top in the 330 to 350 feet, and plenty of redwoods near 360 feet tall.

Dr. Chris Earle gave a minimim age estimate of 1700 years for Bull Creek Giant. Back in March 3, 2007, he climbed this coast redwood along with Steve Sillett, Marie Antoinne, author Richard Preston, and his 16 year old daughter Laura. They climb was on a warm, calm and sunny day after 2 weeks worth of rainy days.

Bull Creek Giant redwood in Humboldt Redwoods near Avenue of the Giants