Trunks of big redwoods in the forest

Screaming Titans Coast Redwoods
30 ft. of Double Trunks

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Screaming Titans are the first extraordinary size redwoods that Steve Sillett and Michael Taylor saw as they entered the Grove of Titans on The Day of Discovery in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, May, 1998. This was right before they discovered El Viejo del Norte. Screaming Titans are a twin redwood and not on the list for 30 largest coast redwoods. Two images are provided to show impact within the grove after someone triggered a surge of foot traffic. My page Impact to the Grove explains more and shows a copy of a notice the parks posted.

Apparently Michael Taylor was the first of the duo to notice these redwoods. Standing on a log to look around after a brutal bushwack, he let out a yell or scream when he spotted the trunks. These coast redwood's name is Screaming Titans (plural) - not Screaming Titan (singular). The discoverers recognized the double trunks and named accordingly. As noted on my Grove of Titans page. Screaming Titans are younger than many people imagine. Screaming titans is more of a those than an "it". They are double trunks. Those are much younger than expected.

Fogbelt Brewing Company named beers after several coast redwoods in Grove of Titans. Because one brew is called Screaming Titan IPA, it begs the question which trunk did Fogbelt favor? The right or the left? If they tell us which side, I can update.

The first image shows Screaming Titans in 2010 when the area was pristine. That historical view is no longer available to experience. It changed soon after a guy David from Medford made it his mission to leak the location. A flood of foot traffic followed. Upwards of 10,000 sq. ft. of plants has was destroyed in the grove since 2011. This inspired writing Impact to the Grove. Maybe future visitors will constrain their movement more. July 2016, Redwood National and State Parks just posted a sign in Jedediah Smith redwood park. The text said accumulative damage is 3300 square meters equal to about 7 basketball courts. The impact page shows the park notice.

For all practical purposes it can be enjoyed as one redwood. The mass of wood has merged around the base. The combined diameter is about 30 feet. In fact, it's more like 30 feet wide and elliptical. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's average dbh diameter is 30 ft.. But the size really jumps out either way. Its in the southern half of the park near a grassy marsh. I finally added directions on my other Grove of Titans page.

In the 3rd image, the coast redwood to the right of Screaming Titans is Eärendil, the one with the fallen log jammed into it. In 2001, both of these redwoods were climbed for the first time for research by Steve Sillett and Marie Antoinne. Sillett spotted death trap tops in Screaming Titans. So he got a line into Eärendil and skywalked over to that one for an alternate route to the top. Using a zipline, they accessed canopy of both redwoods. Nearby is another redwood called Elwing. In Lord of the Rings, Eärendil and Elwing were husband and wife, parents of Elrond the half-man half-elf king who protected Frodo and his companions in Rivendell. Elrond had a daugher Erwen, who married Aragorn (the name of another redwood in this grove).

They found up to 11 spires in the top of Eärendi. After exploring both canopies, they watched the setting sun from over 300 feet overhead.


Image: next to Screaming Titans in 2010 when the grove was a pristine oasis

Redwood Screaming Titans found by Sillett and Taylor


Image: end of 2015 showing how much vegetation was trampled

Redwood Screaming Titans showing impact and wear in Grove of Titans

Redwood Eerandil next to Screaming Titans with fallen log after storm