Redwoods in Stout Grove

Dos Años - Fallen Redwood Giant

Redwood National and State Parks

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Copyright 2015 by Mario Vaden


Wish we found and photographed this redwood a couple years earlier, because it apparently stood growing in Redwood National and State Parks just two years before ... Dos Años. So that's what I will call it.

My friend from Germany on the log shows size and scale. Apparently the trunk base had similar diameter to other titans like Arco Giant.

Apparently, fallen titans like this are as rare to find, if not more so, than the living ones. When we found Dos Años, the amount of dried foliage remaining on twigs and the living foliage too on some parts, led me to estimate a standing, living redwood two years (maybe 18 months) earlier. That estimate stems from my knowledge of evergreens in general, plus watching survival of foliage and life from huge sections storms broke off El Viejo del Norte, Godwood Creek Giant and other coast redwoods over several years.

This and some other fallen logs are difficult to reach. But if you want to see a couple or photograph, Simpson Reed Trail in Jedediah Smith park has one next to the trail. And there are several near Avenue of the Giants easy to spot like Dyerville Giant

Dos Anos Fallen Coast Redwoods Giant in Redwood National and State Parks