Redwoods in Stout Grove

Sequoia Park & Trails

Old Growth and Second Growth within Eureka, CA,

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Sequoia Park is located at 3414 W St, Eureka, CA 95503

Dogs are allowed on a leash in this park and trails.

If you are lodging in the city of Eureka to hike old growth parks an hour away in upcoming days, Sequoia Park is worth a look for an immediate redwood stroll minutes away until you head out for those other parks.. There is also an adjacent zoo, apparently the oldest in California. The park is 67 acres and the zoo 5 acres.

Sequoia Park land was donated to Eureka in 1894 by Bartlin and Henrietta Glatt as the last stand of redwood trees in the city. Some of the original 40 acre old-growth still stands in the park. Sequoia Park has sidewalk to picnic sites, restroom and over a mile of wheelchair accessible paved trails. One trail is the old road through the forest behind the zoo and theother is Sequoia Creek Trail west from the Duck Pond through meadows and back to a forest creek.

This photo shows an open area, gazebo and cathedral fairy ring redwood closer to the street. The greater portion of the redwood forest is behind the redwoods in the background.

Sequoia Park trails and redwoods in Eureka, Humboldt