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Copyright 2011 by Mario Vaden

If you are affiliated with the Save the Redwoods League, odds are you know about the at least 1000 memorial groves in the redwood parks: beginning 1921 with the Raynal C. Bolling Grove in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Many are named after people, but not all, like the Rotary International memorial grove - 1952 - at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Save the Redwoods League had a list last time I looked: Save the Redwoods League

So if they have most of this information, what can we talk about here?

How about the National Tribute Grove

In 2011, a hiker posted online, that the trail to Boy Scout redwood in Jedediah Smith redwoods, had no signs for clusters or groves of redwoods: unlike other trails, like in Prairie Creek redwoods to the south of Klamath. His comment aroused my curiousity, and soon after I recalled that much of Howland Hill Rd. in Jedediah Smith redwoods is rather void of grove signs too. One of the few I remembered was the Metcalf Grove toward the west, along the old centerpiece road.

Long story short - I remembered some sign along Howland Hill Rd. for a grove related to war veterens. From a call to the parks visitor center, I learned that this grove, the National Tribute Grove, was dedicated 1945 for veterens - Men & Women - of WW II.. That one redwood memorial grove is 5000 acres. That is half the size of the entire 10,000 acre Jedediah Smith redwoods park which was established in 1929. That is a huge memorial grove.

Another surprise, was that the end of Boy Scout redwood trail reaches into Metcalf Memorial Grove: not the beginning of the trail, but the far end of the trail near the destination redwood and waterfall. So the Metcalf Grove is fairly gigantic too.

There is also a Boy Scouts of America Memorial Grove by this same trail, but closer to the old historic road. That redwood memorial grove was dedicated 1989.

The first lesson here is that we have an enormous memorial grove dedicated to our veterens. And we can remember their service at least momentarily when we pass through the heart of that Jedediah Smith redwood park. The grove is close to the Howland Hill Giant redwood shown below.

Other than that, if anyone wonders why some parks or trails have more memorial groves, or less memorial groves, that's one of the big reasons.

Howland Hill Giant redwood in Del Norte County