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"I'm Spartacus !!"

This redwood is named after a Thracian gladiator during a slave revolt against the Roman Republic, 111 B.C. - 71 B.C. Kirk Douglas played Spartacus in a 1960 movie by the same name. The screenwriter had been blacklisted, but President-elect J. F. Kennedy crossed picket lines to view the film. Spartacus was Universal Studio's biggest success until Airport showed in 1970.

A nicely formed redwood at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. There are few redwoods this large on hillsides away from creeks. Named Spartucus. In 2010, Chris Atkins did a preliminary measurement of 96 meters or 314.93 feet tall. Michael Taylor measured the first 110' of the trunk, indicating potential of 15,000 to 16,000 cubic feet of wood in the first 110' of the trunk. The trunk at chest high dbh was 19.73' diameter. The camera lens exaggerates taper in the image below. I'm standing next to a log near the base.

Update April 2014: John Montague wrote that he did a wood volume measurement with a Relascope. His numbers indicate 26,000 cubic ft. wood volume or more. Somewhere near #20 largest. Based on current findings, that puts Spartacus in size proximity with Redwood Giant and Atlas Redwood, and darn close to the Big Redwood (#14) near Prairie Creek visitor center, one turn past Cal-Barrel Rd. This is the latest info received on Coast Redwood, Spartacus. Spartacus is about 30 ft. taller than the Big Redwood.

Update March 2011: (weekend Tsunami was discovered), I went uphill to photograph the bole. The trunk seems to increase diameter again about 140 feet up. There's a lot of wood here.


Huge redwood in Prairie Creek Redwoods


If you look around online there are some handy frustum calculators. The example below is one I made use of for the initial measurements from Taylor. Basically, redwoods can be represented like flat top cone increments, and each measured individually. As if the redwood were sliced into sections. The measurements needed for each section are height, top radius and bottom radius. A radius is half the diameter.

This redwood is not as large as the biggest titans like Del Norte Titan or Bull Creek Giant. But for comparison, just the first 110' of the trunk is not far from the entire 18,000 to 19,000 cubic feet of 379' Hyperion. I'm curious how this compares to Adventure, which is only 20 feet taller, with a 16.5 ft. diameter trunk.


Big redwood near trail in Prairie Creek Redwoods