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Super Colossus Coast Redwood

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The Super Colossus

Here is another of the most unusual coast redwoods tucked away in Redwood National and State Parks. This redwood is not just any single one of the individual trunks growing upward. Its actually the entire huge dome of bark and wood and emerging trunks. It's all of it combined.

September 2015, John Montague reported the diameter being at least 28.01 ft. dbh chest high. November 13th he emailed an update 28.7 ft. wide. The Super Colossus exceeds two diameter champions found last year (Crocodile and Dejavu) and remains 2nd to the 29.2 ft. diameter Jupiter found by John in 2015. When it was discovered Jupiter had a greater diameter at dbh than every known giant sequoia. The Super Collosus is within inches.

But what's particularly unique about Super Colossus is the ginormous trunk with a wood voume relatively small for an ancient coast redwood.

From a distance, it may resemble a rotting stump shaped like the giant dinosaur dropping in the first of the Jurassic Park movies. But the wooden hill is living, solid and growing. The serpentine shape thing on the right side is one of it's own roots or branches that grafted to itself (innosculation).

I don't recall another coast redwood having characteristics resembling the Super Colossus. This is one of world's most unusual evergreens.


Redwood called Super Colossus in Redwood National and State Parks