Forest Redwoods

Brown Creek Coast Redwood


Copyright 2013 by Mario Vaden

Tag on Brown Creek Giant Redwood

Adventure was discovered in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park by Michael Taylor. And its the 16th largest.

Over 27,000 cubic feet of wood in the trunk ... 255 ft. tall ... 21 ft. diameter

This one more of the undisclosed location Coast Redwood Titans in the northern parks. Maybe because little is written about this one, but the Brown Creek Giant is one of the least sought after Coast Redwoods.

Or maybe more accurately, one of the last sought after. As well as being the most illusive. It's proximity in relation to Brown Creek is also quite a bit different than what most imaginations expect.

One peculiar clue (if it remains) ... is an old #11 that was used to mark it.

In the photo below, Michael Taylor is on the east side, Thomas Hahn of Germany, on the north side, and the 11 tag is somewhere discretely located on the west side.


Brown Creek Giant Coast Redwood with Michael Taylor and Thomas