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Background, letters & thank you . . . #1 - #42

As a service, M. D. Vaden began 1988, in Beaverton, Oregon. Mario Vaden has landscape and tree experience from 1975, with college education for the same profession. Experience and work have spanned throughout Oregon among Portland westside, Ashland, Medford, Klamath, Brookings and Grants Pass - even Crescent City, and Longview. Other work included assisting researchers in Redwood National Park to locate, measure and tag world's tallest trees. Mario Vaden also provides and enjoys Photography and Portraiture. Prints hang between Oregon and Denmark, plus 2 galleries in Crescent City, CA. Images have been used in advertising, magazine cover, websites, books and more.

In short, Mario Vaden (M. D. Vaden) entered horticulture in the mid 70s / early 80s with country clubs and golf courses. Next was university campus experience. 1988 is when business began helping hundreds of homeowners throughout Oregon and the Pacific NW.

Below are some letters and testimonials from 1980 to present, randomly assorted.

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~ Letter 1

Homeowner - March 6, 2009 - Medford, Oregon

Mario did a fantastic job. I had a big big problem with my Red October Glory, it split towards the top. With his eye bolts and cables he was able to bring my sagging tree back to life. I have used him the past 3 years. He does outstanding work and my neighbors have used him since I found him. He has the best rates in Jackson County and trust me, I have received estimates from others. Great arborist and very sad to see him leave our area and move back to Portland.


~ Letter 2
Portland and Beaverton Landscaper offering Landscaping and Design


November 30, 2005

Dear Mr. Vaden

Thank you for your six years of service to the State Landscape Contractors Board. Your talent, experience and input to the board has been very beneficial. ...I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation for your work. Thank you for your time, talent and effort in this important role, and for your willingness to be involved in public service. I commend you for your unselfish contribution to the citizens of the State of Oregon.



~ Letter 3


To the Landscape Contractors Advisory Board, RE: Mario Vaden

...He has assisted me with two landscape jobs and I was pleased with his expertise and ability to work......I personally have found Mario to be very interested in and dedicated to the landscape industry.


Mr. John Wirth, Department Chairman: Agriculture, Construction, Science

~ Letter 4 - A
Model testimonial by Alley Blom for photographer work

Model - January 24, 2014 - Camas, Washington


"Mario is truly a breath of fresh air in the world of photographers!

His professionalism and willingness to learn and expand his talents are a few of the main things that permeate each shoot.

Never a dull moment, he is very respectful and willing to adapt to your comfort level while maintaining a sense of humor. He works toward achieving his artistic goals, however he is always willing to listen to your ideas and try new things.

I give my highest regards to his talent and ability to make the model feel comfortable before, during, and after the shoot!

Please feel free to contact me personally with any questions regarding Mario!"


Alley Blom

~ Letter 4 - B

UNIVERSITY OF PORTLAND - February 15, 1985 - Portland, Oregon

To whom it may concern:

...Mario Vaden has been employed in my department since June 1984......we have found Mario to be reliable, dependable and hard working ...... I think you will be satisfied if you consider hiring him.


L. Cordas, Grounds Foreman

~ Letter 5

Administrator: Online Seminars for Municipal Arborists - L. Phillips - November, 2006

Hi Mario,

I just thought you might like to know that your article has produced more comments and is the most popular article ever featured on the Seminars. So far this month, over 50 tests have been recorded on your article. This is more than most articles get in the average two month Seminar.... ... I am even getting emails from people about your article. They are all telling me how good it is and are there any more like this coming. Do you have another topic you would like to write about?

Thanks again for thinking about the Seminars when you wanted to publish.

~ Letter 6
Letter from Africa to redwood trees

Redwoods Traveler & Arborist - December 18, 2009

South Africa

Hey Mario!

This is Leon ....... just to say again how grateful I am for you taking us for a jaunt in the redwoods yesterday.

It was for me truly awesome and worth every minute. I especially appreciate the fact that we could see some of the really special trees. If I had been on my own I would have just seen a bunch of big trees ... and not known what I was looking at ... Awesome!

I also liked the pace we went ... enough time to drink in everything and not a big rush. ...

Just so you know, I have to tell you that Tracy and I decided to do the walk today you recommended ... That was good advice ... We kinda walked quite fast, so were done in just around 2 hours but it was great to have the sun streaming though the canopy.

L. Visser

~ Letter 7

ROCK CREEK COUNTRY CLUB - February 28, 1983 - Portland, Oregon

To whom it may concern,

... Even with the adverse weather conditions of the winter of 1982 - 1983, Mario maintained the golf course in equivalent, if not better, condition than during the previous winter with less manhours and less fuel consumption.

Paul Gabrilis, Owner

~ Letter 8

Brookings, Oregon

Dear Mario Vaden,

Thank you for taking the time to come and speak at our meeting. As you could tell from the response of our members your presentation was well received. We all learned so much about pruning trees and shrubs.

The Brookings - Harbor Garden Club,

by John Sullivan, Corresponding Secretary

~ Letter 9

Redwood Motel - June, 8, 2011 - Grants Pass , Oregon

Dear Mario,

I'd like to thank you for selecting the Redwood Motel for your stay in Grants Pass. To say the least it was fortuitous and mutually beneficial. .... We were especially honored when you returned to stay a second night with your associates with whom you were preparing to venture out into the local forests to scout out the world's tallest fir trees.

Consultation for motel landscaping and redwood tree photography

After learning of your interest in the tallest trees in the world and your background in horticulture and landscaping, I imposed on you for a critique of the motel grounds. Together with our landscape contractor we walked the grounds as you pointed out numerous areas where you noticed opportunities for improvement. It was an intensive couple of hours that was the equivalent of a crash course in landscaping with a focus on proper pruning, planting, feeding and irrigation. We appreciated water saving ideas and especially your suggestions for repairing damaged and distressed trees. We were amazed by the things that you found that were in need of attention that had gone unnoticed by our landscaping crew. Thanks to you we now know the height of our tallest trees. Our tallest Giant Sequoia at 112 feet, our tallest Costal Redwood at 116 feet ... You identified the enormous old Oak tree that creates a backdrop on our southern exposure as being only 82 feet tall, but looms even larger because of its mass. On your recommendation we will purchase a Blue Giant Sequoia "Glaucum" to round out the variety of trees that adorn our property.

We are expanding the motel with an additional two story family suite structure that will be perched on the highest elevation of our property. It seemed fitting to name the building in honor of the tallest known Coastal Redwood tree, the "Hyperion." We are looking forward to collaborating with you and your associates that discovered the Hyperion tree as we develop the "Hyperion" theme ... We will also be contacting you for pictures of the Hyperion tree and other trees that you have photographed to display in our guest rooms. We appreciate your interest in tallest trees in the world and appreciate your discovery of the Redwood Motel.


Frank von Coelln

~ Letter 10

Homeowner - October 16, 2009 - West Linn, Oregon

Hi Mario! Hoping this note finds you well and happy! ...... OK - here's the scoop: since Justin, Scotty and Brad had to hear so much today about how thrilled we are even still with the work you did here on these trees, it seems only fair I tell you how blown away I am with them too!

They were beyond awesome ...... I just can't stop smiling at what y'all (together) have worked here in this yard. ...... making me even happier about getting to move here! ...... thank you again, for everything!

All best wishes - more later - and be calling you again in a few months! Most sincerely,

J. Pritchard

~ Letter 10 b

American Forests Magazine - October , 2015

american forests trees please photo contest coast redwood

1220 L Street NW, Suite 750, Washington, D.C.



Thank you so much for participating in our Trees Please Photo Contest!

Your image was gorgeous, and we were thrilled to feature it in our Fall Magazine.

I hope you enjoy these copies, and certaily hope that you'll enter again next time!

Best Wishes,


Ashlan Bonnell,

Managing Editor


(For American Forests Magazine, Fall 2015 Edition,

Page 38)

~ Letter 11

Homeowner - April 2007 - Central Point, Oregon

Thank You ! Did a great job !! We'll call you again - Regards,

D. & M. Tomlinson

~ Letter 12

SUMMERFIELD GOLF COURSE - R. Sullivan, Superintendent - Tigard, Oregon

January 10, 1985

... Mario did a fine job for me and his enthusiasm especially in the tree maintenance department was quite commendable ...

~ Letter 13

Homeowner - June, 2011 - Wilsonville, Oregon

Improvement to Oregon landscape lawn soil

Mario is great to work with and he really knows soil!

Our backyard was a swampy mess most of the year. After digging a few small holes, Mario showed me the soil's structure at different depths. He explained how each depth had probably gotten that way.

About a foot down was a region so dense that water could barely get through it, hence the soupy yard.

The solution was to drill a set of evenly spaced holes deep enough to get beyond the packed zone to the good looking soil beneath. Filling the holes with coarse sand gave the water a channel and yet let the grass grow back over.

It has been a particularly damp spring and the holes have done the trick. No more swamp. The yard is usable almost all yearlong.

B. Shaw

~ Letter 14

Homeowner - D. McCutcheon - November 7, 1989 - Beaverton, Oregon

Just a brief note to thank you again for the very professional job you did in pruning the hedges. We did not believe you would have so much material to remove but the "finished product" is excellent...and the subject of several very, very favorable comments around the neighborhood ...

D. McCutcheon

~ Letter 15

INTERNATIONAL DUNES COMPANY - September 13, 1985 - Portland, Oregon

... Mr. Vaden is a competent and knowledgeable landscaper and we will consult with him about any further problems we might have with the grounds ...

L. Lusk

~ Letter 16

Homeowner - P. Doherty - Wilsonville, Oregon

February, 2004

Dear Mario,After your phone call I braced myself to see the shrubs. Jim and I both love them! And the cherry tree looks so much better. My neighbor, Mrs. Sher..., gave her approval too! Thank you.


P. Doherty

~ Letter 17

Newlyweds - April, 2015 - San Francisco , California

Hi Mario !

Thank so much for the great pictures!

We really appreciate your time and effort and had a great time with you in the redwoods


C. & E. Bentzen


family portrait in the redwoods

~ Letter 17 - B

Homeowner - February, 1998 - Tigard, Oregon

... Mario has always been prompt, diligent and very dependable. We have always been happy with his work especially his creativity in the application of his skills. He is a very professional and skilled arborist...

We would not hesitate to recommend Mario for any pursuit ...

J. Chandler

~ Letter 18

Homeowner - July, 2003 - Oregon

Thank you so very much. It looks wonderful, you really did and excellent job. We will keep you in mind, when our next outdoor project comes up...

C. & S. Marshall

~ Letter 19

Homeowner - L. Mullen - October 12, 2003 - NW Oregon

Great job of opening up Mom's back and side yard. What a difference......The gal that lives in the house was shocked - she had no idea the yard was so big.

L. Mullen

~ Letter 20

OREGON HEALTH SCIENCES UNIVERSITY - September, 1984 - Portland, Oregon

Mario working as Grounds Keeper I. He has maintained our south campus area in excellent condition and has made many improvements in this area....He also has been involved with special projects. He completes assignments with minimum amount of supervision. Mario has maintained good working relations with other employees and with Physical Plant employees working in his area....Mario maintains a commercial pesticide applicators license....I would recommend Mario for any position in grounds maintenance

N. Ray, Superintendent of Grounds.

~ Letter 21

Homeowner - August 28, 2014 - Oregon

Improvement to Oregon landscape lawn soil


... Thank you thank you thank you!

Jack and I have been living here since August 2011 and this is the first time we have a coherent, intelligent picture of the irrigation system.

Until you came on board, we were totally in the dark ...

... Thank you again !!!!!



(Written regarding 8 acres of habitat, 1 acre landscape and lawn, 450 trees and 19 irrigation zones)

~ Letter 21 ~ B

Homeowner - March 15, 2004 - NW Oregon

Thank you again for the beautiful work! We've mentioned you to all of our friends, and encouraged them to tell their friends.

Warmest Regards,

S. Burch

~ Letter 22

Homeowner - E. Jackson - October, 2003 - Tigard, Oregon

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

~ Letter 23

Homeowner - September, 1985 - Gaston, Oregon

To whom in may concern:... I was very impressed with Mr. Vaden's work, which was performed quickly and efficiently in a very professional manner.


C. Hendrickson

~ Letter 24

Homeowner - June, 2001 - Beaverton, Oregon

...What a lovely surprise to find when I returned from Vermont. -- how very kind and thoughtful of you...

G. Herztein

~ Letter 25

Homeowner - April, 2010 - Beaverton, Oregon / Work site SW 61st Portland, Oregon

It looks fantastic (and Charlotte likes it as well). Looks like a new house. Thanks for taking the photos - it is good to have the before and after for reference.

S. Farley

[Note pertains to pruning work: opening up front view of Portland house. Preparation for selling property]

~ Letter 26 - A

Homeowner - April, 1998 - Charbonneau, Oregon

Thank you so much for getting in touch with us regarding pruning...We are in Maui right now, however, you can do the pruning any time....After the wonderful job you did with all our pine trees and everything else, I was so dissappointed when you told us you were leaving, and I just kept procrastinating on calling someone else to to it. Now, I'm glad I didn't do it.

Sincerely yours,

L. Marsden

~ Letter 26 - B
Letter from 101 Things to do Humboldt


101 THINGS TO DO HUMBOLDT - April, 1998


Eureka, California




Thankx for the use of this photo for the cover.

I love it ...



Myrtle Avenue, Eureka, California

~ Letter 27

Homeowner - February 1998 - Beaverton, Oregon

To whom it may concern,Mario Vaden has done pruning for well as at a rental home that I manage...1990 through 1997. His work is in the superior range. He is honest, fair and trustworthy and takes great pride in doing good work for you....Since his move...I have no idea who I might emloy of his caliber & work ethic. Thank you.

A. Martin

~ Letter 28

Homeowner - July, 2004 - Tigard, Oregon

Thanks. Trees look great and the monkey puzzle makes us both sleep easier...

Mr. "D"

~ Letter 29

Homeowner - February, 1998 - Tigard, Oregon

To the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board...Mario Vaden...His work was excellent. He kept us informed of the progress as he worked. He explained what he was doing and why. And he fulfilled the work on time and on budget. In addition, he took the time to walk the property with us, to identify each tree by type and characteristics, and recommended landscaping concepts, some of which we adoped in later work on the property. I consider him to be a fine professional, and a pleasure to deal with, and would recommend him to any employer

D. Kidd

~ Letter 30

Homeowner - October, 2004 - Beaverton, Oregon

Thanks - the job was done very nicely -

D. & D. Kennish

~ Letter 31

Homeowner - September, 2005 - Jacksonville, Oregon

Thanks so much for such an excellent job done -

C. Borntraeger

~ Letter 32

Home & business owner - August 27, 2008 - Hillsboro, Oregon

I recommend Mario Vaden highly. He is a talented individual who enjoys what he does and it shows in his work. He took some very poorly maintained trees and bushes at our house and improved the look of them 100%. He is on my list of very skilled and knowledgeable people.

C. Milne, Computer Craft Designs of Oregon

~ Letter 33

Homeowner - December, 2007 - Medford, Oregon

We appreciate all your wonderful ideas as well as all your hard work and dependability.


D. & N. Scafani

~ Letter 33 b
coast redwood forest fine art print on canvas

Artist - Septermber 14, 2014 - Crescent City , California



Thank you so much!

I'm enjoying the photo of Smith River!

God bless you & your family.

Sorry this took so long ... but I had an accident ... still recuperating.

Thanks again!

Bettie Belitz

~ Letter 34

Homeowner - September 27, 2007 - Central Point, Oregon

Hi Mario,

Thank you so very much. You did a "Great" job. It all looks so good ! I so appreciate what you did.

God Bless,

K. Burrill

~ Letter 35

Homeowner - January 26, 1998 - Washington County, Oregon

(To) Oregon State Contractors Board: To whom it may concern,

Mario is very knowledgeable in his field, and willing to share this with those for whom he works. We have always found his work well done, and the clean up extra careful. He is an excellent workman who takes pride in his craft. We became good friends over the years.


Mr. Donald Nichols

~ Letter 36

Veterinarian - August 15, 2010 - Hawaii

I was just reading the line on your webpage on safe and toxic woods for birds about how it is one of your most visited pages.

As a veterinarian who has links to that page for my clients ..., I probably contribute to that traffic.

Thank you for providing the information that helps humans keep their birds safer.


S. F. Nakaya, DVM

~ Letter 37

Homeowner - February 21, 2000 - Beaverton, Oregon

Hi Mario,

Thanks very much for the fine job you did. I appreciate it.


Mr. M. Rogers

~ Letter 38

Homeowner - August, 2004 - Aloha, Oregon

Thank you for the quick work! The yard looks much better. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to others.

B. Collins

~ Letter 39

Homeowner - December 18, 2009 - NW Oregon

I was not even sure what a French Drain was, but knew it would provide some insurance for my house on a hill. M. D. Vaden came out, assessed the need, designed the drain, constructed the drain, and left the area looking way better than it looked when the project started. He was very easy to work with, and I'd recommend hm to anyone.

J. Merrick

~ Letter 40

Redwoods Traveler - October 28, 20129 - North Carolina

Hi Mario, I just had to pass along some thanks for all of the incredible information you provided on your website about the Redwoods. My wife and I came out from North Carolina. This was our second California trip in 3 years. In 2010 we went out to see the Sequoias in the central part of the state. That only wet our appetite to really see the big tall ones up north. Prior to our trip, I did extensive research online. I found your website (with associated links) to be absolutely the best source of anything, and it led us to some really incredible areas. We are truly novices, so the only downside was not knowing if we really were looking at some of the big boys on a few hikes. That didn't matter so much, because it was all simply overwhelming ...

... Just wanted to say thanks, Mario!

Brett Dupree
Charlotte, NC

~ Letter 41

Homeowner - January 23, 2013 - SE Portland, Oregon

The trees look amazing !

Thanks for your great and super fast work !

K. Brush

~ Letter 42
Portland and Beaverton Landscaper offering Landscaping and Design

Author / Photographer - Ft. Bragg , California

August 6, 2013

Mario, thank you so much for the prompt corrections in your blog.

It means a lot to me to keep things accurate ...

...Your photography keeps getting better and better, ... ... I regard you as one of the great redwood photographers.

G. F. Beranek

Beranek - Photographer & Author
- Coast Redwood Tree of Dreams and Fortune (image at right)
- The Fundamentals of General Tree Work
- High Climbers and Timber Fallers