Redwoods in Stout Grove

Coast Redwoods ~ The Twin Towers

Redwood National Park

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Copyright 2015 by Mario Vaden


The coast redwoods shown are in Redwood National Park, on the fringe of the new discovery area. These wooden towers are not one of the recent 2014-2015 diameter records ... but this still remains one of my personal favorite areas in all of Redwood National Park: for me ... "epic"

In the redwood parks, tall redwoods are not unusual, nor are big redwoods. But a pair of towers symetrically planted among such a large field of ferns is a rare. I cropped the lower portion of the image ... the Sword Ferns shown are a fraction of the foreground. It's a sight to behold with or without a person for scale.

You may not ever see these Twin Towers, but you can always find something special for yourself. If you haven't been to the Coast Redwoods before, I invite you to plan a visit.

Twin Towers of Redwood National and State Parks


Chris Atkins on the right side. It was late afternoon, the light was not coorperative for photography. I plan to return someday.