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Hawg Wild Tavern, Orick, CA

Those were the days my friends ... closed permanently

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Flashback in time to Hawg Wild

Remember this one !! Used to be the Lumberjack Tavern, later Hawg Wild, in Orick, California, across the street from the Palm Cafe and Motel. Man ... Hawg Wild had the best food for between Trinidad and Crescent City, and I visited this watering hole every time through. I think it shut down toward the tail end of 2010. The lastest image I have are the people below, taken July 4th of 2010. From what I heard, Mark who leased the building, may have had a feud going with the place across the street over some matter, then bailed town. Heard him talking of Mexico, Yelp had a good review adding it closed by July 2011 when they drove by.

Remember the bills all over the ceiling? I recall the game if you could chug a beer faster than Mark, he'd give you a $100 C-Note. Thing is, the ceiling was covered with dollars around the bar, and I doubt he lost. Oh ... the cookin' was good. Most who ate there know what I mean. And everybody was friendly.

This is the same Tavern Tom Clynes wrote about in his June 2007 Backpacker Magazine article Above & Beyond when he came out to Redwood National Park.

Mark ... you are missed. Thanks for cookin'. Wish you the best, wherever you are, friend.


Images: Hawg Wild Tavern, 2010. The group of people I met earlier the same day at Prairie Creek


Group of hikers in Hawg Wild Tavern, Orick, California

The outside and doors of Hawg Wild Tavern in Orick, Biker theme bar and restaurant