Redwoods in a Forest Grove
Big redwood near trail in Prairie Creek Redwoods

Coast Redwood | 15th
Humboldt Redwoods
State Park

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The Giant redwood is the 15th largest known coast redwood. Located in Humboldt Redwoods State Park down Bull Creek Flats (Mattole) Road. There is a parking lot on the north side of the creek. This is basically in the Avenue of the Giants vicinity, not far from Founders Grove. 355 feet tall redwood with a 16.5' diameter trunk. 27,800 ft cubic feet (2010).

If you have seen the big redwood at Prairie Creek near the visitor center already, this one may look smaller at first glance because the trunk is narrower by at least 6 feet. But this Giant redwood soars over 350 feet: typical of the flats in the area. The redwood forest surrounding has a remarkable number of redwoods over 350' high. This one is the second largest in the park, and the only other redwood in the area larger, would be the Bull Creek Giant. Stratosphere Giant in the same park is slightly smaller: the "Strat" was the previous world's tallest.

Giant redwood near Rockefeller Forest and Avenue of the Giants