Redwoods in Stout Grove

Brotherhood Coast Redwood

Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California

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The Brotherhood Redwood towers from a hill at the Trees of Mystery, along Hy. 101, toward the north end of Klamath, California. Its along a nature trail through young forest that leads to the Gondola. The Brotherhood redwood is the only very large redwood there, but it is exceeding large.

Michael Taylor is one of two men who discovered world's tallest redwoods in 2006, plus many of the largest known coast redwoods. After Michael stopped to check this out ... he said the Brotherhood redwood was the largest coast redwood he knew of on private land ... that its huge. The trunk diameter is approximately 20 feet.

In 2014, Chad Johnson posted a video on Youtube that you can search for while it remains. He used a quad copter to record climbers ascending and measuring the redwood's height at 246 ft. The video caption said "official" height at 246 ft., but it may be slightly higher. The climber appeared to use an "eye-balling" method. Its at least close to 246', although Chris Atkins could probably pin-point closer with a laser.

They didn't wrap the trunk at intervals to understand the volume and true size more accuratel, like the redwood researchers often do. But either way, its very large.

If you happen to visit, be sure to look for this coast redwood.

The Brotherhood Tree Coast Redwood at Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California