Forest Redwoods

Mystery Coast Redwood #7

Land of giant redwoods and red shirts !

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Copyright 2017 by Mario Vaden


This giant redwood looks peculiar. This is another of the redwoods found when we were talking about Star Trek when bushwhacking. Evident in the photo are some western hemlock. Chris Atkins is on the left side for a sense of size and scale. Chris is one of the characters mentioned in The Wild Trees by Richard Preston.

Red Shirts

Maybe this is a good time to tell the story behind the red shirts seen in many of my redwood images. Years ago, after hundreds redwood photos with guys in drab shirts, I decided to try a few artistic documentary images with women around some titan coast redwoods. The first one was Lost Monarch with with Kiera who wore a red dress. When I shared it on Facebook and the image racked-up close to 1,000,000 views, I decided to buy a red shirt to try in my general purpose photos. One of the red shirt images with Howland Hill Giant became the cover for an edition of 101 Things to Do magazine. From that point on I tried to bring at least one red shirt and even an extra red T-shirt like one I loaned to Chris. Then others who saw the photos emailed and told me the images inspired them to bring red shirt to the redwoods also.

Red is very effective if drawing some attention to the person to show scale is desired. Otherwise I will avoid it a more subdued look is preferred. Time after time, images with the red fabric got more views, shares and likes than other with darker clothing such as my forest green business shirt seen in some older Screaming Titans images.



Giant Coast Redwood close to very tall Sitka Spruce