Forest Redwoods

Mystery Coast Redwood #8

Halloween 2015 - Fairies and Redwoods in the "Kokiri Forest"

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Copyright 2017 by Mario Vaden


The redwood below is giant, but smaller than several nearby in another hidden gulch. This photo brings back several good memories from 2015. Halloween, the day before, and the day after. The fun started October 30th in Redwood National Park, when I encountered a woman with a dream to become a fairy in the redwoods. The next day on Halloween, I met Michael from South Africa, who arrived in Klamath to lodge at the Holiday Inn. Our first taste of forest was the same area where the fairy girl stood for her photo, except farther up the hill. We sampled that area for about an hour to break-in Michael on some light bushwhacking, then drove north to Prairie Creek and began the main course of our exploring. After a handful of easy-to-reach redwoods, we entered some thicker forest to see what we could find. This is the lovely grove where we finally called it quits and headed back. In the photo, I'm looking the direction of Mojo redwood, but it's across on another slope behind the trunks on the right. I refer to this spot as the Kokiri Forest, from a game my son and I used to enjoy playing together ... Zelda - The Ocarina of Time.

Sometimes I explore around the time of a holiday. But I avoid going there some holidays like Memorial Day or Labor Day or Spring Break from school since the parks get more busy those times. But I learned that Halloween was different, and the parks were very mellow.


Giant Coast Redwood near a noteworthy gulch