Redwoods in Stout Grove

Hidden "2nd Tallest" Redwood

Redwood National Park ~ 1964 ~ 367.4 ft. tall

More recent 2011 measurement is 366.30 ft.

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Copyright 2015 by Mario Vaden

Somewhere along miles and miles of Redwood Creek slopes, an obscure 2nd tallest Coast Redwood hides tucked back in the forest. No map leads to it and no trai goes there. But there it stands, with a lone sign for the solitary wanderer who for whatever reason, may find the spot. Other than the sign, there is virtually no trace of humans. Begs the question who would ever find this redwood. Probably one of the most enthusiastic redwood seekers. Other than that maybe just those stoned out of their mind or lost. The place is vast, and the redwoods practically countless. Look closely and you will see how tiny the man looks compared to the surroundings.

The remote fame of this redwood traces back to 1964 and a man named Dr. Paul Zahl, chronicled by National Geographic. in the July 1964 issue, the photo peering up at at this "2nd Tallest" redwood described the other Coast Redwoods next to it as the "Giant's Hoary Companions"

Back in those days, Nat Geo chronicled Zahl's discovery of the new tallest redwoods along Redwood Creek. The last on his list was a specimen from Richardson Grove State Park dubbed "9th Tallest" . In 1st place was newly discovered "Tallest". 2nd place was the one presented here, 4th place was the Dyerville Giant in Humboldt Redwoods, Founder's Grove. 5th place was the Rockefeller redwood AKA as the "Jerry Partain" or "Tall Tree". The 7th tallest on Zahl's list was Founders Tree.


second tallest redwood 1964, Dr. Paul Zahl

sign, second tallest redwood 1964, Dr. Paul Zahl