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The Dark Horse

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Welcome to The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse used to be the poster child or place-holder emissary to represent recent discoveries not revealed. For unpublished giant redwood beside Grogan's Fault. But I moved another huge redwood to the Emissary page instead, and put The Dark Horse under Unusual & Big.

Since more largest and widest redwoods were found and we are not publishing them, the ranking of #1 becomes more obscure every few months. Therefore it makes more sense to leave the top position blank and leave the aggregate of discoveries up to the reader's imaginations. For window-dressing I chose The Dark Horse below, recently compared at the Adventure page. The Dark Horse of RNSP is medium compared to the width of other biggest recent discoveries. but it's still a hefty redwood.

Some other photos in my folders may seem more jaw-dropping for sheer appearance of size, but maybe not depending on how somebody reads a redwood's shape. The Dark Horse was named to commemorate the change of new coast redwood champions being discovered. The Dark Horse was found January 30, 2016, the same day another champion was discovered a few miles away from it.


Redwood Adventure near Orick, California. Redwoods Park Giant