Redwoods in Stout Grove

Founders Tree Coast Redwood

Founders Grove, Avenue of the Giants Hiking Trail - 1.3 miles

A grove that marks significant history

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324.99 ft. tall and 12.7 ft. diameter


The Founders Tree coast redwood stands in Founders Grove a short distance off Avenue of the Giants. There is 1.3 miles of trail, but the main attraction is momentary from parking. The nature of the area makes the word stroll more fitting than hiking. The spot is rather busy around July and August, but holds an appeal that makes it hard to pass-up that time of year. In summer, try going from daybreak to about 9am when the other tourists are still pulling on their pants back at their motel room. The spot is fairly mellow autumn, winter and spring.

From the north, drive 40 miles south of Eureka on Hy. 101 to exit 663. Then turn left, go under 101, make a right on Avenue of the Giants, go 1000 feet, turn left on Dyerville Loop Rd. Trailhead parking is a few hundred feet on the left. The trail is opposite south to the right. From the south, drive 47 miles north of Leggett on Hy. 101 to exit 663. At the end of the off ramp, cross Avenue of the Giants onto Dyerville Loop Rd.

Although Founders redwoods is considered a main attraction, there are scores of redwoods without signs in the area that are taller. Like in Rockefeller grove and Bull Creek Flats nearby, off Mattole Rd. The Founders redwood is located at:

Coordinates: 40.352153 , -123.923897

Signs can change but the sign in the photo says 346.1 ft. tall, 12.7 ft. diameter and 40 ft. circumference. Since they took the digits into tenths it was interesting that the circumference wasn't written as 39.9 ft., going off that diameter. Its actually shorter, but its also I slightly wider. I recorded the new height but not the new girth since 12 ft. to 14 ft. isn't wide compared to, say, the Giant redwood in the park.

Sunday, August 5, 2012, I measured the Founders redwood with a Impulse 200LR laser rangefinder mounted on a tripod. The measurement for height was:


324.99 ft.


There is an interesting history behind this redwood and grove.

This redwood was discovered and proclaimed the world's tallest in 1931 by the Save the Redwoods League. Believed to be 364 ft tall at the time. The redwood and grove were established to honor the founders of the league: Madison Grant, John Merriam and Henry Fairfield Osborne.

Grant was involved in establishing several national parks including Denali, Everglades, Olympic and Glacier national parks. But for coast redwoods, Grant concluded that the groves needed protection from campers and gawkers, as well as from loggers. Through an extensive publicity campaign, he managed to get a bond passed that was the beginning of the California State Park system. Even though the redwood is not 364 feet tall now, that's some history behind this redwood.

It's easy to reach, photographs easily, and has a lot of nice redwoods and scenic driving nearby.

Founders Tree Coast Redwood in the grove along Avenue of the Giants