Redwoods in Jedediah Smith Park

Carbon Antlers ~ Dead Man's Fingers' relative

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The mushroom / fungi shown below may be called Carbon Antlers, Other names for what I believe her to be Xylaria hypoxylon include Candlestick Fungi and Stag's horn Fungus.

Its imagineable why a few may refer to this at Dead Man's Fingers if found in clusters. But a related Xyleria species that is more blunt on the tips is generally known as Dead Man's Fingers: Xyleria polymorpha

I find the smallest of mushrooms and fungi in the redwoods, or forest, as small wonders of nature.

With Carbon Antlers, we may find them almost completely white or silvery. The erect ascocarp ('as-kuh-karp) can become completely covered with white or silvery asexual spores.

It grows in decaying hardwood. So among the softwoods like Douglas fir, coast redwood and Sitka spruce, keep an eye out for presence of alder, maple, bay laurel, cascara, etc.. See if the area has hardwoods that may be deposting fallen twigs, branches or stems.

At least for this particular image shown, it reminds me of a tiny dancer.


Image: Carbon Antlers, related to Dead Man's Fingers in same Xylaria genus.


Carbon Antlers in the coast redwoods related to dead mans fingers