Trail through grove of Redwoods

Moorman Grove Trail | Prairie Creek Redwoods

Moorman Pond Trail | A destination that few people know

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Copyright 2011 by Mario Vaden

Moorman Grove Trail, also known as Moorman Pond Trail, is in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. It is about 0.5 miles of moderate hiking, and one of the least known trails in the redwood parks. That is 1 mile in and out. For scenery, redwoods and other plants, this is easily a 5 star stroll. It's amazing so few people know about this spot. It may be short, but the small valley is one of the nicest areas I have been to. I learned about this trail when we used it to reduce some cross country distance to a Douglas Fir we needed to measure. The valley is well protected and outstanding: Coast Redwood, Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir. Even the Trilliums looked tall. The trail and valley lead up along a small creek. Length aside, this rates with any trail the park has available.

Photography Destination

This short redwood hike should provide some of the best opportunities from redwood photography. If you are a professional photographer and need a place for redwoods, or models, this is one of the best places I've seen. It also has some Rhododendrons.

Along the Drury Scenic Parkway, look from the Moorman grove sign a ways north of the Visitor Center driveway, on the east side of the road. This redwood trail is moderate, but one spot may require leaning onto your hands for about 15 feet.

Moorman Redwood Trail, an excellent place for hiking and redwoods photography