Redwoods in Stout Grove

Eden ~ Coast Redwood

Redwood National and State Parks

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Copyright 2015 by Mario Vaden


The redwood below is called Eden, found November 1st 2015 on a beautiful hillside of Redwood National and State Parks. The day before on Halloween we explored near Trillium Falls, but called the day a wrap with prime rib and salmon in Klamath as the forecasted downpour came. The deluge passed through Halloween night but vanished by morning. Daylight finally arrived and we explored once more nearby and discovered this gorgeous site and several impressive coast redwoods. I will return again.

Having already found champion evergreens in the redwoods, my hope is to find champion photography locations. This will become one of them. I don't think Eden is as large as Howland Hill Giant, although from this vantage point the trunk taper is minimal and the base is still impressive.

Redwood Eden in Redwood National and State Parks