Redwoods in Jedediah Smith Park

Labyrinth ~ Coast Redwood

Hidden passage into Redwood National and State Parks

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Copyright 2015 by M. D. Vaden


Labyrinth redwood and grove is a hidden passageway in Redwood National and State Parks. Its the shapely trunk back behind with the small hanging fern gardens. Chris Atkins and I spotted this during one of our explorations and paused to enjoy it for a while. I recall Chris saying to the effect "Steve Sillett would sure love this one".

Around 2014, I shifted emphasis slightly to find more "champion" photography locations, not just redwood champs. And Labyrinth is a perfect fit. This photo was just a quick pause during a "fly-by" to look for redwoods. I'll be back for more photos of just the redwoods and plants.


Image: Chris Atkins pauses to enjoy Labyrinth


Labyrinth Coast Redwood found by Atkins and Vaden