Redwoods and a Hiker

Robert Van Pelt, Explorer & Researcher

aka "The Lorax"

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In 2015, I added a group of pages on legendary men and explorers of the coast redwood forest. Dr. Robert Van Pelt is one of them. Among west coast explorers and researchers, Robert is the one person affectionately and respectfully called "The Lorax?

Robert Van Pelt moved out west in 1984 from Madison, Wisconsin. He received a MS in 1991 and PhD in 1995 from the University of Washington. Research interests include old-growth ecology and canopy structure. He takes extensive measurements, sketches and photos from around the world, and makes exceptional drawings. His artwork was for sale, but I understand it's very hard to come by anymore. Continue after image ...


Images: Robert Van Pelt in the background, leading the way to a research plot. Steve Sillett and his wife Marie Antoinne are in the middle of this research group.

Redwood exploreer and canopy scientist Robert Van Pelt with Steve Sillett and Marie Antoinne

Robert Van Pelt is also an author of several publications including Forest Giant of the Pacific Coast. He spent many years of his life with photography and discoveries. He's a big burly guy that moves with amazing momentum for a man his size. His personality is light, friendly and hospitable.

The image below shows one of his drawings, the Atlas redwood


Drawing Sketch of redwood by Robert Van Pelt