Portland landscape and pruning design

Landscape, soil, tool & tree care tips #1

Landscape and garden topics Index #1. The landscaping advice began with the watering and sprinkler page for newly installed plants. Afterward came the woods page for parrots and birds. Landscape drainage is one of the most popular. There are also comments for pruning and garden tools, tree fertilizing, mulch, soil ammendments and much more.

Header image: Portland Japanese Garden. Photo by Mario Vaden, posted with permission. If you visit the area and plan to tour the Portland landscaping, be sure to visit the Portland Chinese Garden downtown. The Hoyt Arboretum is in the area too.

Horses and Toxic Plants
Basic landscape checklist for toxic plants and horses

French Drains / Drainage
Suggestions for installing drainage and information about soil

Winter and cold weather landscape preparation tips

Flat Free Tires & Wheelbarrows
Garden equipment tip for those who don't like using tire pumps

Benda Board Landscape Edging
Flexible garden bed edging that is easy to transport and install

Tree Care, Pruning Glossary
Some common arbor care terms. This is a large vocabulary list

Review of Arborist Forums
Tree Forum Ratings by M. D. Vaden. About online message boards

Poison Oak Photos & Information
Including winter identification tips and photographs comparing to Rhibes

Home & Wildfire Safety
Preparing property for protection against wildfires

Mistletoe and Control
Cut it or leave it. At least two ways to deal with this parasitic plant

Bronze Birch Borer
A landscape insect that can infest white birch and cause problems

Favorite Conifer - Sequoiadendron
Plant selection. This is one of the best evergreens in northern Oregon

Sequoia sempervirens Redwood
Largest and tallest. A huge collection of redwood information

Estimating Age - Increment Tool
Determining age: historic Beekman Catalpa, Jacksonville, Oregon

Klootchy Creek Spruce
Former largest Sitka Spruce

Designers Can Bust Budgets
Landscape design plans can make or break your landscaping budget

Ornamental Grass Miscanthus Favorite ornamental grass. Provides seasonal color change too

Selecting Pruning Tools
Tips for selecting pruning saws, loppers and hand pruners

Deer Resistant Plants
Resistant plants for landscaping where deer are abundant, like south OR

Favorite Tree - Black Tupelo
Ornamental plant material. One of my favorite hardwoods

Ever drank 3/4 cup Roundup?
How many people have drank Glyphosate and lived to tell?

Drainage, Compaction, Auger
Augers can be an affordable way to deal with soil hardpan layers

Changing Behavior of People
With detail and diligence


Topics continue on Index #2 - use this link:

Tree and Landscape Advice Part #2